ABOUND® Agronomic Recommendations

Revolutionizing the Hemp Industry

Our genomics assisted breeding program enables the rapid development of superior varietals that lay a strong foundation for the rapidly expanding hemp industry.


 Bred For US Row Crop Production

Grain, Fiber & Flower Production


Direct Seed ABOUND – 1 seed/2 inches
Plant 30″ rows = 192,000 seeds/acre
Drill 7.5″ rows = 385,000 seeds/acre

Weed Control

Pre-plant management and mechanical cultivation until canopy closure


Keep seed moist from planting until emergence.
Lower seasonal water requirements than corn (12-24″)


N: 60-80, P: 30-45, K: 50-60


Modified combine,
Windrow, pickup header.
Stripper Header, minimal fiber harvested.

“An important part of New West Genetic’s vision is to create varieties that can take advantage of farmers’ existing equipment.”

-Dr. Rich Fletcher, Director of Breeding

Harvest & Processing

Seed can be separated from biomass during or after harvest. Seed can be harvested with a combine set at the appropriate height for your crop.

Fiber can be challenging for a combine, raise the header to just below the cola.

Drying can be done in the field in windrows, depending on the climate, or using industrial drying methods.

Post harvest drying to stable moisture content should be done soon after harvest.

Silage chopping is not recommended as it causes seed damage.

Trichomes in the flower, critical to cannabinoid content, are very fragile and must be carefully managed during harvest.

“ABOUND hemp genetics give experienced row crop farmers and easy transition to add hemp to their rotation while utilizing existing equipment.”

-Daniel Willis, NWG Agronomist

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