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An initiative driven by hemp industry stakeholders.

Value The Seed

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Value the Seed proposes:

That regulations enable, not inhibit the hemp industry!

Specifically, this initiative proposes that commercial hemp growers who use Certified hemp seed pay a lower registration fee to their regulatory agency, and be exempt from state, federal, or tribal background checks, as well as sampling & testing.

Seed Validation

Producers & distributors of Certified seed shoulder costs to demonstrate THC compliance through USDA testing regime.

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Unburden Farmers

Commercial farmers submit their Certified Seed tag to qualify for exemption from unnecessary sampling, testing and more.

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No Fuss Hemp Farming

Reduce onerous logistics and fees for farmers and compliance assurance for regulators – no fuss!

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Mitigate risk across the domestic hemp supply chain.

Quality, proven seed genetics are the foundation for building consistent, uniform plant-based products. Seed certification validates these characteristics. In addition, each lot of Certified hemp seed produced in the U.S, is also validated (through USDA regulations) for compliance with federally mandated low THC standards.

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Lancaster Farming Hemp Podcast Interview with Wendy Mosher on the Value the Seed Initiative

On June 24th, Wendy Mosher, of New West Genetics, talked to Eric Hurlock of Lancaster Farming. Mosher discusses “Value the Seed”, an initiative developed with several other stakeholders, including International Hemp and King’s AgriSeeds, that promotes certified seed as a way to unburden farmers and assure regulators of compliance.

This policy reform initiative is centered around the fiber and grain sectors of the hemp industry, and Mosher is hopeful it will be adopted in the 2023 Farm Bill. If the initiative is successful, American hemp farmers who plant certified seed that meets standards set by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies will be exempt from burdensome regulations, excessive fees and THC testing.

Full Interview
Certified Hemp Seed Bags

There is not enough Certified seed.

There are now over 100 varieties available that are eligible for Certified Seed status. Visit https://www.aosca.org/hemp to find your preferred varieties.

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Hemp Industry Coalition Advocates Policy Reform that Leverages Seed Certification

On May 24, 2022 a coalition of hemp industry stake holders put out a press release outlining their proposition for an exemption for hemp farmers that use Certified seed

Full Press Release
Members of AOSCA visiting a field of Certified industrial hemp seed production in Colorado.


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