ABOUND Harvest Showcase In-Person Event a Success! 

What an awesome day we had with the ABOUND® Harvest Showcase on Monday Sept 14! Around 60 attendees had the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with NWG 2730, from the ABOUND line, our dual-purpose line of varieties.

With education booths dotted throughout the field, attendees enjoyed talks and Q&A sessions with; Dr John McKay, Director of Genetics, Dr Rich Fletcher, Director of Breeding and Daniel Willis, Agronomist on genetics, breeding, harvest methods, and agronomy.

Discover more about ABOUND, check out our recap video from our recent Harvest Showcase event.

Join Us for our Virtual Series Starting in October, More Details to follow.


Guests had the opportunity to visit our education stations, dotted throughout the field, and a select group of vendors from each piece of the pipeline to learn more about downstream processing, and finished goods.

Unique Opportunity with Industry Experts

Our recent Harvest Showcase event featured the unparalleled genetics of ABOUND, the only hemp seed in the U.S. bred exclusively for row crop farmers backed by seven years of research, development and breeding focused on high-CBD flower and nutritious grain to specifically enhance farm yields. 

The first step to a successful harvest starts with the best seed, but that’s not where it ends. Our guests were encouraged to hear and talk with experts throughout the entire hemp pipeline.

Wendy Mosher, President & CEO talks valuable market and regulatory points.

ABOUND in the field.

Groups enjoyed Q&A sessions with experts.

ABOUND Harvest Showcase event, Sept 14, 2020.

Comments from Showcase Attendees:

“I was able to get a better idea of what hemp means to row crop farming in one day here at the showcase than I can possibly get in my home state in a year.”- Large Row Crop Grower

“We are very impressed with the flavor of Elite.” – Hemp Grain Company Founder

“There is nothing else out there like Abound.” – Seed Dealer

“The showcase was very professionally executed, it is nice to see hemp varieties in format similar to an agricultural field day.” – Foods Company

“I didn’t know hemp could look like this.” – Grower

“Row crop productions is definitely the future of hemp and you guys are way ahead of any other seed company out there.” – Hemp Industry Influencer

Attendees were delighted to be able to see, first hand, our dual crop variety ABOUND in the field. We had interest in ELITE, our grain variety and ABOUND which features enhanced CBD and nutritious grain. 

Virtual Series – Your Chance to Ask the Experts

During our virtual series, industry experts will take a deep dive into:

  • Growing dual purpose hemp successfully with high-CBD flower and nutritious grain
  • Selecting the best genetics and achieving germination rates of 90% plus
  • Maintaining compliance with low THC
  • Utilizing existing farm equipment to keep labor costs low
  • Harvesting to ensure the greatest yield of grain and flower biomass
  • Drying methods and timing to ensure highest retention of cannabinoids
  • Extraction processes that optimize your return
  • Maximizing your ROI each step of the way

The Importance of Hemp Genetics

Superior Genetics for a Profitable Yield

Starting with superior genetics is the best way to ensure a successful crop. Farmers have long relied on professionally bred varieties for their traditional crops such as corn, soybeans, and cotton. Hemp is no different. New West Genetics applies the breeding techniques that have proven to be successful in mainstream crops to hemp to ensure high germination rates, excellent grain yields and high-CBD flower tailored to row crop farmers.

New West Genetics has the longest and most robust hemp breeding program in the U.S., delivering the best genetics to ensure a profitable yield. 

During the Showcase and proceeding virtual series, experts will explain and demonstrate why dual purpose hemp, grown for both high-CBD flower and nutritious hemp grain, will be the preferred method of hemp production. New West Genetics is confident the demand for hemp products will continue to grow as new regulatory approvals enable new products for both human and animal markets.


Thank You to Our Sponsors Who Made our Event Possible!