President and Chief Executive Officer
Chair ASTA Hemp Committee
Board Member
Wendy is the President and CEO of New West Genetics. Wendy built New West from inception, securing investment to create and protect the company’s market-leading IP portfolio, land key commercial partners, and launch its groundbreaking operations. As a thought leader in the industry, she is a frequently requested speaker by both regulators and legislators to lend her expertise on hemp regulation, as well as advises partners in the traditional agriculture pipeline. Wendy articulates and continues to refine New West’s strategy and vision, raises capital, and manages investor relationships and strategic partnerships. She holds an MA in Education, which she uses to wrangle her partners into a cohesive, prioritized force. Prior to working in the hemp industry, Wendy worked in the education field, and in program development for aerospace and technology companies. In her spare time, to satiate her curiosity and enjoyment of science, she has worked in several university genetics labs.
Chief Business Officer
Board Member

Daphne Preuss is an entrepreneur focused on bringing genetic and biotechnology innovations to agriculture. She previously founded and built Chromatin Inc. into the leading innovator in sorghum, aggregating genetic technology and global sales channels, and recruiting the industry’s leading team of sorghum experts. She frequently advises start up companies and their investors, and is passionate about transitioning innovation to the commercial sector. Prior to joining Chromatin, Preuss was a Howard Hughes Investigator at the University of Chicago. She previously chaired the NCBI – the NIH’s DNA database division, and has served on BIO’s Food & Agriculture Section.

Director of Business Development and Supply Chain

Jenny is an accomplished global leader with a diverse background in sales, marketing, customer service, operations and supply chain.  Jenny has spent her career in agriculture starting in animal ag and later transitioning to row crop, leading sales and marketing efforts for DEKALB and Asgow.  She moved from row crop to work with customers in the vegetable business, leading production planning and customer care for DeRuiter and Seminis seeds.  Over the last few years, Jenny has run her own consulting business, Boyd International, focused on helping clients create a more customer-centric approach to their business.  Jenny is excited to be a part of the growing hemp industry working with a team that is committed to bringing groundbreaking solutions to farmers and consumers through sound science.  She will oversee the New West Genetics’ ongoing customer and supply chain collaborations, and operational needs, to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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Director of Genetics 
Board Member

John McKay is a Professor of Plant Evolutionary Genomics at Colorado State University. In his faculty position, McKay leads a research group on the genetics of adaptation in crops and model systems, with a focus on drought and sustainability. In 2014, when US ended prohibition of hemp, McKay co-founded New West Genetics to apply modern genomics and breeding to Cannabis sativa. His research examines evolution and gene function at both the phenotypic and molecular levels. His genetic discoveries are in the commercial breeding pipeline for multiple crops. McKay’s publications have been cited over 6,000 times, and he serves on scientific review panel in the US and internationally. Dr. McKay has multiple research projects on investing the genetics of adaptation to climate through competitive grant awards totaling over $20MM grants from the National Science Foundation, USDA, ARPA-E, and the DOE.

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Director of Breeding
Board Member

Rich is the Director of Breeding and a co-founder of New West Genetics. His interest is in utilizing technology to develop and bring to market cultivars with traits that benefit both the producer and consumer. Rich was a part of Cargill’s hybrid canola breeding program for more than 18 years, most recently leading the North American breeding and genetics program. He also worked as an agronomist where he gained a practical working knowledge of field crop production. During his Ph.D. work at Colorado State University, Rich utilized genetics and genomics approaches to identify genes underlying drought adaptation in Brassica napus. Rich is a native Coloradoan, and regularly enjoys the beauty of his state through skiing and hiking.

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Director of Operations 

Beginning in the plant industry as a barley breeder, Frank’s 38 years’ experience in the seed industry has expanded to field research, technical management, product development, seed production, sales and marketing, intellectual property management, executive management, and more. He currently lives in Fort Collins, CO and brings valuable expertise of seed production and intellectual property management.


Daniel has a passion for plants and agriculture that started from an early age working on his uncle’s farm. He was previously employed by a seed company improving the drought tolerance of corn and earned an MSc in Agronomy from the University of Nebraska studying the usefulness of exotic corn germplasm in temperate breeding programs. In his free time, Daniel enjoys being outside in the vegetable garden with his wife and two dogs.
R&D Production Supervisor
John is fascinated by earth and environmental sciences. He earned his MSc. in Soil & Crop Science at Colorado State University, where he studied soil physical properties important to road restoration success. He uses tools gained from education and experience in previous diverse industries including the military, telecom, and  oil & gas to oversee and improve daily R&D and production activities. John volunteers on ecological restoration projects, plays board games, and rides his snowboard in his free time.
Office Manager/Marketing Assistant

Sarah’s experience in business administration is extensive in both the private and public sectors, she has gained qualifications in IT and Professional Business Management from Australia and the UK. Her motivation lies in seeing the results of building robust business systems and processes in order to maximize efficiency in whatever capacity she can. Sarah prides herself on being at the heart of New West and fostering professional relationships both internally and externally to New West. Sarah spends her spare time with her family, working on craft projects and visiting local breweries with friends.


Managing Partner, Canna Advisors 

Jay and his wife, Diane are the founders of Canna Advisors, a cannabis enterprise consulting firm which advises clients through the competitive state application process for cannabis business licenses. His guidance has helped Canna Advisors win licenses in every state where they’ve consulted. He is also a founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and a lifetime member of ArcView Investment Network.

Business Development/Investor Relations

Jonathan is a practical strategist with a strong track record for creation and execution of imaginative strategies in ag and bio technology. He has worked fluently within start-ups, established corporations, and government entities, contributing in areas of tech-to-market commercialization, healthcare, techno-economic analysis and government funding. Jonathan combines and leverages his strategy expertise and in-depth direct experience to help make New West’s growth vision happen.

COO, Andarix Pharmaceuticals 

Rhonda has co-founded and/or served as senior management for 3 early stage biotech companies. In consulting roles with Cygnet Management, she’s served as interim management for senior level business development and marketing functions. Rhonda was previously a venture capital investor and has also held management roles in bio/pharmaceutical and medtech companies where she led corporate development, evaluation and negotiation of numerous licensing and strategic transactions.

Founding partner, Law Offices of Schwartz & Cera

Ken specializes in venture capital and other financing transactions, and he represents a large venture capital fund, other investors, and many start ups and other companies. Ken started his career at a large law firm in Silicon Valley, and has continued to work in the venture capital world since then. Ken has a degree in business from U.C. Berkeley, and a J.D., cum laude, from University of Chicago Law School.

Global Agrifood Tech Accelerator

Yield Lab invests in technologies that will revolutionize the agriculture and food systems to sustainably feed the world. The Yield Lab invests across the following sectors: crop production, animal health & welfare, precision agriculture, supply chain/logistics, food ingredients and sustainability. New West Genetics is a Yield Lab Company, and participated in Yield Lab’s 2017-2018 accelerator programming, along with three other innovative Ag technology start ups. Yield Lab continues to offer valuable advisement to NWG on investment and capital raising strategy.