ABOUND® Multi-Purpose Family

Our genomics assisted breeding program enables the targeted development of superior varieties that lay a strong foundation for the rapidly expanding hemp industry.

Revolutionizing the Hemp Industry


Revolutionizing the Hemp Industry

New West Genetics has deep expertise in hemp genomics, breeding, and agribusiness. We are transforming the hemp industry by creating the most reliable, premium, proprietary hemp seed that reduces risk, increases yield, and enables sustainable large-scale production.

We identify complex traits at the gene level. This helps us identify which selections to make quicker, getting you premium stable hemp seed at a much faster pace than traditional breeding alone.

We use genomic data to inform selections for yield increase, and for more complex issues like cannabinoid profile enhancement and stability, disease resistance, improved nutrition, and hybrid seed system creation.

Success starts at the seed

First US-bred Certified hemp seed

New West Genetics was the first US company to breed stable hemp seed varieties with the most desirable market traits.

Our hemp seed is non-GMO, with enhanced nutritional qualities, fiber qualities, and enhanced cannabinoids.

High-germination, field vigor, and adapted genetics created by our cutting edge breeding program brings customers the most uniform, high performing genetics on the market.

Our hemp seed is adapted to local soil and climate, and possesses multiple high-yielding traits with superior agronomic characteristics to enhance production efficiency.

Every variety released has third party demonstration of THC compliance. Our varieties have received independent validation from the CDA, AOSA and AOSCA four years running


Our foundational research combines traditional breeding and modern genomics to ensure stable, certified,  hemp seed. Our varieties are bred using proprietary methods and our extensive pedigree database to optimize large-scale production.

Our mission is to improve economic access to this versatile and valuable plant by building a sustainable foundation for the hemp production industry.

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Our experienced scientists are well-respected professionals in the field of plant genetics and breeding –demonstrated through their success in the rice, wheat, barley, sorghum and canola industries.

We are published in leading journals, and are grant recipients from the USDA, DOE, NSF, and ARPA-E. Naturally, we give many keynote addresses at plant genetics conferences.

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ELITE Dual Purpose Family

Companies face an array of choices for nutritional adds to their products. We believe hemp grain is the healthiest source of proteins and lipids any company or individual can include in their diet. With our experienced farmers, our superior genetics and agronomic package,  NWG can contract on spec wholesale hemp grain for food and/or cosmetic applications.


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