New West Genetics is on a mission to contribute solutions to climate challenges faced by agriculture.

Revolutionizing Agriculture


Revolutionizing the Hemp Industry

ABOUND® Multi-Purpose FamilyAMPLIFY® Hybrids

Our genomics assisted breeding program enables the targeted development of superior varieties that lay a strong foundation for the rapidly expanding hemp industry.

Revolutionizing Agriculture


Revolutionizing the Hemp Industry


The simple addition of hemp to the rotation decreases a farms’ carbon footprint, and increases soil and farm health.

Revolutionizing Agriculture


Revolutionizing the Hemp Industry

New West Genetics is the global leader in creating premium, stable hemp seed genetics that are enhanced for food, feed, and fiber applications to serve the growing population and mitigate climate challenges. We combine traditional breeding, modern genomics, and agronomic expertise to create non-GMO hemp seed bred for US adaptation, high-yield, enhanced nutrition, and sustainable production.

ABOUND® Multi-Purpose hemp seed varieties

Current economic conditions in the market make dual or multi cropping the best practice, both for ROI, and sustainability. As specs in each vertical are refined, single purpose with those well-bred end traits will become a larger part of the genetic foundation of the industry.

Our ABOUND multi-purpose hemp seed allows growers to valorize all parts of the plant. These varieties have been bred for excellent grain yield, good bast to hurd ratio, and CBD content. Our ABOUND varieties are top yielding, and have won first place in multiple University trials for stalk biomass and grain yield.

There’s something for everyone in the ABOUND family!


AMPLIFY® Hybrid Trait

The first commercial scale hemp hybrid!

We are proud to introduce the AMPLIFY family of hybrids.  This non-GMO trait genetically skews the ratio of female to male plants up to 100% female. Current NWG hybrids skew the ratio to 90% female, 10% male for adequate pollination to support grain production. The gender skew in concert with hybrid vigor doubles grain and flower yield and greatly increases the uniformity of stalks in the field.

NWG is excited about the potential for hemp grain markets. AMPLIFY’s dramatic yield increase and uniformity enable hemp to compete with oilseeds like soy, canola, and camelina, opening the door to adoption for food, feed, fiber, and sustainable fuels markets.

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We identify complex traits at the gene level. This helps us identify which selections to make quicker, getting you premium stable hemp seed at a much faster pace than traditional breeding alone.

We use genomic data to inform selections for yield increase, and for more complex traits like frost tolerance, disease resistance, improved nutrition, hybrid seed systems, and cannabinoid stability.

Success starts at the seed

First US-bred Certified hemp seed

New West Genetics was the first US company to breed stable hemp seed varieties to pass US Seed Certification standards.

Our hemp seeds are non-GMO, bred for US adaptation with enhanced nutritional qualities, fiber qualities, and stable cannabinoids.

High-germination, field vigor, and adapted genetics created by our cutting-edge breeding program brings customers the most uniform, high performing genetics on the market.

Our seeds are adapted to regional soils and climate conditions and possesses multiple other high-yielding traits.

Every variety released has third party demonstration of regulatory compliance. Our varieties have received independent validation from State Departments of Agriculture, AOSA and AOSCA for eight years and counting.


Our research combines traditional breeding and modern genomics to bring the most ground-breaking traits to hemp markets. Our varieties and hybrids are bred using proprietary methods and our extensive pedigree database to optimize large-scale production.

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Our experienced scientists are well-respected professionals in the field of plant genetics and breeding as demonstrated through their success in the rice, wheat, barley, sorghum and canola industries.

We are published in leading journals, grant recipients from the USDA, DOE, NSF, and ARPA-E. Dr. John McKay is a frequently requested speaker for many key note addresses at plant genetics conferences.

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