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Top Yielding, US-Bred Hemp Seed Varieties

ABOUND® Multi-purpose Hemp Seed

NWG 2463

NWG 2463 Field in Wisconsin

NWG 2463 is a grain-forward variety and is the most dynamic of our multi-purpose ABOUND family. It demonstrated consistently high grain and stalk yields in 2021 field trials. AOSCA certified in 2020 with a commercial launch in 2022, and now on the Health Canada LOAC (List of Approved Cultivars).

NWG 4000

Hemp seed head of a top grain producing variety NWG 4000

NWG 4000 is a grain-forward variety, and the shortest of our multi-purpose ABOUND family. Bred for high grain yield, decent stalk yield, and enhanced levels of CBD; NWG 4000 demonstrated the highest grain yields and harvestability in 2021 NWG trials. It’s the earliest maturing variety in the ABOUND family and an excellent choice for growers focused on grain production. AOSCA certified in 2021, launched commercially in 2022, and now on the Health Canada’s LOAC.

NWG 4113

NWG 4113 Daniel with 13ft showcase plants

NWG 4113 is a fiber-forward variety in the multi-purpose ABOUND family. NWG 4113 is a taller variety, the stature of which provides strong season-long weed control and makes it a customer favorite for fiber production. This variety was AOSCA certified in 2020 and commercialized in 2021.

NWG 2730

Hemp field half pivot in Colorado shows NWG 2730 variety performing well.

NWG 2730 is the first US Bred, certified hemp seed variety in our multi-purpose ABOUND family released in 2020. NWG 2730 is a fiber-forward variety thanks to excellent stand heights. Bred for high fiber and grain yield, it forms a quick canopy for excellent season-long weed control and high bast and hurd yields. AOSCA Certified and on Health Canada’s LOAC.

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ABOUND hemp seed varieties offer a multi-purpose crop and give farmers the ability to scale and mechanize – it is a natural progression for the industry.

-Willie, Wisconsin Hemp Farmer

We are pleased to offer four ABOUND hemp seed varieties for row crop farmers.

Our ABOUND certified hemp seed varieties are bred for row crop farming with stable genetics for stand uniformity, high germ rates, and top grain, fiber, and CBD yield potential. Row crop farmers reap the benefits of a multi-purpose crop – growing for more products and reducing input costs by using mechanized agricultural practices. Row crop farmers trust superior, dependable hemp seed genetics to ensure a successful crop at any point in their rotation. AOSCA certification assures seed lot purity, germination, lack of weed seed, and viability. Learn more about AOSCA hemp seed certification.

Fiber Forward
Top fiber yielding hemp seed varieties bred for manageable harvest with standard agricultural equipment.
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Grain Forward
Top grain yielding hemp seed varieties. Best grain yield in the 2021 University of Illinois Hemp trials.
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Hemp Field Cultivation

ABOUND hemp seed varieties demonstrate the importance of good genetics.

  • Backed by ten years of research and development.
  • Developed by breeders and geneticists with experience in traditional crops like corn, rice, sorghum, wheat and canola.
  • Enables multiple revenue streams – essential in an early to market crop.
  • AOSCA certified seed lots provide quality assurance.

“NWG is bringing the heat, and breeding for traits to make the crop more cruise control like what most farmers are used to. ABOUND hemp seed genetics have be trialed for years; as a result NWG 2730 in the right conditions is growing like corn, and that’s very promising.”

-James, Kansas Hemp Farmer

Multi-purpose hemp genetics

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ABOUND certified hemp seed

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Hemp research plots and variety trial for New West Genetics

University trial data for top yielding ABOUND varieties.

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