Innovative, Data Driven Commercial Breeding Program

NWG Breeding Plots

Commercial breeding must be a market driven process, and New West Genetics planned for this from the start targeting all three markets as they came online with processing. In the early years of the US hemp market, that meant Food (grain) and Dietary supplements (cannabinoids). Beginning in 2018 we added fiber traits and targets.

Our company is on the cutting edge – creating entirely novel, trait enhanced seed genetics in order to optimize hemp for all market applications in North America. We see these markets as a golden opportunity for farmers in North America. Stable high performing genetics are essential to keep our industry competitive not only with other regions, but with other traditional product solutions. We enable competitive, healthy alternatives to traditional nutrition, fiber, and pharmaceutical pathways.

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We take our mission of only completing data-based discovery seriously. Our R&D involves a highly selective process. Our average selections we make in the early breeding pipeline are less than 1% of what is grown. Breeding for multiple traits means you must make short term sacrifices to create long term benefits: stable, high value varieties. This selection and induced variation process is ongoing as we develop a wider and more varied portfolio to suit market needs.


Compliance with laws ensures a reduced risk product for consumers. New West Genetics does not view compliance as a gray area. We do not release seed or product unless we have validated over multiple seasons that the THC levels are compliant with federal and state law, well below 0.3% THC.

New West Genetics creates compliant hemp varieties bred for high yield and optimized for mechanical harvestability, as well as for various market traits. To validate the performance of our seed, and to investigate where certain genetics perform best, we regularly enter trials across the us and other countries.

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  1. University Trial Data
  2. Seed Certification
  3. State Department of Ag THC Trials and Validation
  4. Patent Portfolio and PVP


NWG Conducts variety research and development over multiple plots and regions year over year. The results of this research are traits with high market value.

We are excited to offer stable hemp genetics that achieve top yields in grain, fiber, and flower. Find out more about our current commercial varieties.

Available Varieties

We develop genetic traits to provide strategic advantage for the hemp industry and for hemp farming across regions.

Read on to learn about the exciting traits in our pipeline with the approximate launch date.

New West Genetics' hemp plot trial in Colorado in 2022


A game changing 2X yielding hybrid trait!

The Amplify trait allows hemp to say “move over soy, pea, and canola”: this trait enables the crop to compete economically by doubling the yield of grain and flower in the field, with a genetic skew of the gender markers. This is not a chemically induced skew like that used to create feminized seed. We are enabling greater ROI for farmers, more competitive price point for ingredient makers, and more hemp on the shelf for consumers! This is a WIN WIN for HEMP!

Our flagship variety NWG 2730 with the AMPLIFY trait will launch in 2023!

NWG EliteBast

High bast yielding, uniform fiber varieties.


Herbicide Tolerance

Lines that can withstand  herbicide application.


Simplifying the way we look at compliance.

A variety of hemp with a highly controlled THC pathway. When extracted the produced extract will remain below the detectable level of THC out of 10ppm. This eliminates risk during production as well as the need to remove THC during the extraction process.

Trait launch in 2024.

NWG Hemp Breeding Plot
Uniform hemp stand