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AMPLIFY is a non-GMO hybrid trait that genetically skews the ratio of female to male plants from 50:50 to 90:10 or higher. The hybrid vigor doubles grain and flower yield, as well as increases the uniformity of stalks in the field. This dramatic yield increase and uniformity allows hemp grain to compete with soy and cotton, opening the door to adoption for food, feed, fiber, and sustainable fuels markets.

The AMPLIFY hybrid trait shows strong heterosis with increased uniformity and vigor, resulting in additional risk mitigation, ease of harvest, and bump for yields. Demonstration fields in 2023 + field days, and a full commercial launch in 2024. Existing customers of NWG ABOUND® varieties will have first access to this enhanced ROI variety.

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AMPLIFY Hybrid Hemp Genetics Compared to Conventional Seed Variety

Top Yielding, US Bred Hemp Seed

AMPLIFY is a genetic trait that doubles grain and flower yields and increases stalk uniformity.

The scientists at NWG developed a breakthrough genetic trait that creates hemp populations with up to 99% female plants; rather than the typical 50%.  Since female plants produce all the grain and flowers, and the best performing fiber, AMPLIFY increases yields up to 2 times.

This novel trait can economize the production of valuable hemp products along the supply chain, from growers to consumers, by offering the scalability and ease of a high yielding mechanical crop production.

The AMPLIFY trait can be crossed into your genetics, contact us for licensing opportunities.

The best farmers don’t grow the biggest crop they grow the most economical crop. AMPLIFY hybrid hemp varieties offer a more vigorous crop that uses irrigation, fertility and climate conditions more efficiently than other varieties.

-Wilson, Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

AMPLIFY begins the transformation from hemp as a small acre specialty crop to a large-scale, commercially competitive hybrid crop.

AMPLIFY offers a maximum proportion of female plants along with better overall seed and stand performance. These genetics pave the way for doubling yields seen today and enables the crop to compete with traditional protein and lipid sources like soy or canola. Ingredient makers, get ready to include this incredibly nutritious protein and unique lipid source into your product line.

The AMPLIFY trait allows our seed producers to efficiently multiply seed at scale, unlike with traditional chemically feminized seed.  This edge makes it possible for our industry to market hemp as a viable alternative to traditional protein and healthy oil sources.

-Wendy Mosher, NWG President & CEO

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