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There has never been a more crucial time to equip farms with a new rotation option. NWG is proud of our Agronomic Excellence Program and the success farmers have seen on their farms by adding hemp into their rotations. Embarking on adding a new crop has a learning curve, and NWG is with producers every step of the way.

NWG Agronomic Excellence Program

Having produced hemp since 2014, NWG brings learned experience from across the US to each new season and are happy to share our expertise so producers can avoid problems and reap the highest potential yields.

With every purchase of NWG seed, producers not only access genetics backed by the longest running US hemp breeding and seed production program, they also receive personalized support from experienced agronomists. The NWG agronomy team has over 50 years of experience across crops like wheat, corn, and canola. They offer easily accessible support to ensure customer success.

In the 2024 season, New West Genetics customers growing 120 acres or more receive a comprehensive agronomic support package. Among other support, we provide:

  • Agronomic Excellence Producer Portal
    • Field data
    • Equipment Settings
    • Timelines & checklists
    • Demonstration photos & videos
  • Live Webinars
    • Held Pre-Season
    • Field Selection, planting, weed control, maturity & harvest.
  • Individual Consultation
    • On-call agronomic advice via phone or video

Topics include planting density, weed control, production timing, equipment for production and post processing, storage, harvest indicators, inputs, and regional/environmental adjustments.


“ABOUND hemp genetics give experienced row crop farmers an easy transition to add hemp to their rotation while utilizing existing equipment.”

-Daniel Willis, Director of Agronomy


Hemp is produced for grain, fiber, and cannabinoids. Grain and fiber have been produced commercially using modern agricultural methods for decades. Production of cannabinoids (e.g., flower) has developed more recently, utilizing two principal production methods. As a genetics provider, we must breed varieties suited to the industry standards for production methods, so we monitor developments in production equipment, processing equipment, and end-market traits to develop the best, highest returning genetics for each product pipeline.

Multi-Purpose Production

Multi-purpose hemp production can mean grain and stalk, grain and flower, or all three. NWG has extensive experience with multi-purpose cropping because we take data and make selections for each market. From small-scale breeding plots to large-scale seed production fields, we have learned best practices across regions and share that with customers and partners.
Multi-purpose production methods are determined by the primary product or the product with the highest contract value. Production methods are adjusted to maximize yield for the primary product, and other plant parts become monetized co-products.  These products still have value, but yields are reduced to favor the product with the highest contract value. There are tradeoffs, but this approach to production achieves the highest profits for farmers.

Single Purpose Production

Single-purpose production of hemp is highly manageable and very comparable to other crops.  Farmers’ existing equipment (planters, combines, swathers, and balers) can be slightly modified and used successfully for single-purpose grain or fiber.  Flower production in a row crop style does require specialized equipment – contact NWG for recommendations.


Grain production is straightforward for experienced row crop farmers. In reality, hemp is an oilseed, requiring harvest methods and practices suiting crops like soy or canola. Unlike other row crops grown in the United States, hemp is generally harvested before the plants have fully dried. Producers use grain drying equipment to reach a stable moisture and preserve quality. Most existing equipment works well but can require a few on-farm modifications for optimal operation.

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Hemp stalks are harvested for bast and/or hurd components. Bast fibers are natural cellulosic fibers found in the phloem of the stalk. These long string-like fibers are used for products like textiles. Hemp hurd (also called shives) are the inner core fibers of the hemp stalk and are used in building materials, bio-plastics, and animal bedding.

  • Genetic selection can improve uniformity of your hemp crop. Ask about ABOUND® Fiber Forward & NWG’s upcoming EliteBast!

Harvest varies depending on the end product, and whether grown for stalk only or as a dual-purpose crop for grain and fiber. Fiber-only crops are harvested with equipment similar to hay or alfalfa. In the case of a dual-purpose crop, the grain heads are combined before cutting and baling standing stalk.

Much is being learned about fiber production & processing across the US in recent years; stay tuned to learn along with NWG.

ABOUND fiber forward hemp variety

“Two important parts of New West Genetics’ mission is to create varieties that can take advantage of farmers’ existing equipment and meet current market needs.”

-Dr. Rich Fletcher, CTO


NWG has bred row crop style genetics with enhanced CBD. The decreasing price per pound of CBD means small margins for the high cost of manual labor. Dioecious genetics optimized for cannabinoid production is the only economical approach to scaling the production of these valuable compounds. Innovation in harvest methods will continue to improve yields, but regardless of methods, our hemp seed genetics provide farmers with a low-risk, high-yielding crop.

  • Two distinct means of flower production are:
    • Use a “bushy” type genetic – e.g. feminized seed or clones that are more manually intensive methods.
    • Use a “bulb” type genetics – usually dioecious that can be mechanically harvested.
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