Grain Quality/Seed physiology: For simplification, NWG has assigned the nomenclature of “grain” to mean the commercial product of seed and “seed” to mean planting seed. However, hemp is truly an oilseed, though a highly unique one, in that it contains a healthy ratio of proteins and oils, most akin to soybean. 
Hemp seed has been a popular choice for health-conscious consumers as awareness of its novel amino acid and fatty acid profiles grows. The lipids in hemp seeds are enriched for essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Notably, they are high in linoleic, alpha- and gamma-linolenic acids in ratios similar to fish oil. This and a protein content of ~30% make hemp seed a viable dietary option for health-conscious consumers.

Hemp grain contains healthy amounts of minerals such as phosphorous, manganese, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and copper.

Hemp grain contains much higher levels of Omega-6 Gamma (GLA) and Omega-3 Alpha (ALA) than that of soy and corn. Omega-6 (GLA) has been tested for stroke prevention and Omega-3 (ALA) is known for it’s anti-inflammatory qualities.

Hemp grain contains all nine essential amino acids, with a profile comparable with soy. Hemp amino acids are even more digestible than those found in soy.

Not only is the oil profile very nutritious, but it is also abundant, and NWG AMPLIFY™ achieves yields that make hemp a competitor to serve the growing sustainable fuel market. NWG has paired AMPLIFY and its skewed nutrition lines, with the ability to meet processors’ desires, whether they be a higher ratio of total protein or a higher ratio of total oil. Genetics can enhance both proteins and lipids to suit processor needs. Our research into the genetics underlying these important nutritional components will allow us to create seed demonstrating higher protein content and elevated levels of the unique and nutritious fatty acids more efficiently.

Processors, ingredient makers, and CPG manufacturers interested in nutritious hemp ingredients, contact NWG today to learn more about our grain quality research and genetics.