Hop on the hemp trail with us and Follow the Flower, Seed and Grain from the field all the way to the consumer. Learn from our industry expert sessions; selecting the right genetics, best practices in processing and cleaning seed and much more. Our Virtual Series begins in November and will continue monthly through to planting season in 2021.

Our ABOUND Harvest Showcase Virtual Series is designed for row crop farmers interested in growing hemp profitably with existing machinery, and for established professionals in hemp agronomy, academia, and science. This is also your chance to be first in line to purchase from the ABOUND® family, including next generation varieties. 

Details on our Virtual Series topics and dates below.

ABOUND Harvest Showcase Virtual Series

Next January 2021


Virtual Series 

A great opportunity for you to Ask the Experts your questions on growing hemp at scale on your farm.

November 10thSee What You Missed

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For those who were unable to attend our ABOUND Harvest Showcase in person, all is not lost!  Field education stations: 

December 8thFollow the Seed

“Success Starts with the Seed”

Seed selection is one of the most important decisions a grower will make to ensure success in the 2021 season. ABOUND’s seed technology is a game-changer for the hemp industry and we are proud to have bred our varieties to SPECIFICALLY fit row-crop farming. This installment will feature:

  • 2021 new varietal launches and ROI
  • Details on exclusive opportunity: NWG 4X4 Field Trial program!
  • Special Guest: Marguerite Bolt, Hemp Production Specialist at Purdue University shares real world experiences working with growers on their farms over the last 3 years.
  • Live Q&A session.

January 2021

THE most nutritious plants on the planet!

Get the answers to these and more of your questions as we Follow the Grain in our third installment of the ABOUND Harvest Showcase Virtual Series. 

  • What is hemp grain used for? 
  • What food products contain hemp? 
  • What is hemp grain worth? 

More details to come….


February – Follow the Flower

From the field, all the way to the consumer.

March – Regulatory Update

Get the latest USDA and FDA information

April – Seed Selection 2021

Dependable genetics, critical to success

Premium NWG Hemp Seed

Ask the Experts

Experts will address these common challenges farmers face when planting hemp:

  • Growing dual purpose hemp successfully with high-CBD flower and nutritious grain
  • Selecting the best genetics and achieving germination rates of 90% plus
  • Maintaining compliance with low THC
  • Utilizing existing farm equipment to keep labor costs low
  • Harvesting to ensure the greatest yield of grain and flower biomass
  • Drying methods and timing to ensure highest retention of cannabinoids
  • Extracting processes that optimize your return
  • Maximizing your ROI each step of the way

The Importance of Hemp Genetics

Superior Genetics for a Profitable Yield

Starting with superior genetics is the best way to ensure a successful crop. Farmers have long relied on professionally bred varieties for their traditional crops such as corn, soybeans, and cotton. Hemp is no different. New West Genetics applies the breeding techniques that have proven to be successful in mainstream crops to hemp to ensure high germination rates, excellent grain yields and high-CBD flower tailored to row crop farmers.

New West Genetics has the longest and most robust hemp breeding program in the U.S., delivering the best genetics to ensure a profitable yield. 

During the virtual series, experts will explain and demonstrate why dual purpose hemp, grown for both high-CBD flower and nutritious hemp grain, will be the preferred method of hemp production. New West Genetics is confident the demand for hemp products will continue to grow as new regulatory approvals enable new products for both human and animal markets.


Large Scale Hemp Acres