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Join us in person, September 14th, for an exclusive harvest showcase featuring a Harvest Demonstration. Virtually join us, beginning in October, as we Follow-the-Flower of ABOUND™ from the field all the way to the consumer.

These events are designed for row crop farmers interested in growing hemp profitably with existing machinery, and for established professionals in hemp agronomy, academia, and science. Attend our harvest showcase in person and you will be first in line to purchase from the ABOUND family, including next generation varieties. The harvest demo and virtual events will revolutionize the way you think about hemp.

Event Details

MONDAY  |  SEPTEMBER 14  |  2020  |  10AM – 2PM 

Fort Collins, Colorado
Takes place at a New West Genetics hemp production field
Boxed lunches will be provided
Due to COVID, space is limited

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The in-person event is approved by the local county health department and all departmental guidelines will be strictly followed. Details below.

Large Scale Hemp Acres

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Our Harvest Showcase features the unparalleled genetics of ABOUND, the only hemp seed in the U.S. bred exclusively for row crop farmers backed by five years of research, development and breeding focused on high-CBD flower and nutritious grain to specifically enhance farm yields. 

The first step to a successful harvest starts with the best seed, but that’s not where it ends. See, hear and talk with experts throughout the entire hemp pipeline as New West Genetics “Follows the Flower.”

Premium NWG Hemp Seed



The McHale baler was designed and built in Ireland based on years of experience harvesting hemp. This baler allows for easy pick up following swathing. Delta Ag Partners and HPP work together to ensure bales reach the drying floor as soon as possible after harvest. The drying floor reduces moisture from 50% to 15%, and can process approximately 60 acres of hemp per day. 


The Delta Floor from HPP has allowed Delta Ag Partners to scale the farming operation of a tri-crop approach to Hemp farming. Once the bales reach the drying floor, we bake the full plant and dry it slowly, allowing us to capture all of the seed flower and fiber to further refine after harvest. By harvesting the entire plant, we limit any loss. And, because it is dried with little to no heat the CBD remains in-tact and the seed viable. 

Separation System

The HPP separation and cleaning system, powered by Kice, uses large-scale agricultural systems to screen and sort the different fractions of the plant. Constant negative air pressure enables capture of all of the valuable flower dust in a vacuum system. These are flexible, built based on the approach of the farmer and changes in the hemp world, ready to grow without a full reinvestment of new equipment. 


Smith Systems provides high quality machines built to optimize return from your cannabinoid biomass. All are certified and come with SOPs to help operators efficiently run each unit. From “pilot” units to large industrial extraction, distillation and crystallization equipment, learn about all types of extraction machinery.

Join the waitlist as soon as possible to help ensure your spot for the in-person event and virtual series to follow.


Virtual Series

The live harvest demo on Sept. 14 kicks off the full ABOUND Harvest Showcase Series. The virtual series begins in October and will feature each step of the process as we “Follow the Flower” documenting the hemp pipeline from the field through harvest to the dryer, through extraction and ultimately to the consumer. Learnings will be shared during this virtual series. Farmers will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn further from industry experts, and get insights on testing reports.


Ask the Experts

Experts will address these common challenges farmers face when planting hemp:

  • Growing dual purpose hemp successfully with high-CBD flower and nutritious grain
  • Selecting the best genetics and achieving germination rates of 90% plus
  • Maintaining compliance with low THC
  • Utilizing existing farm equipment to keep labor costs low
  • Harvesting to ensure the greatest yield of grain and flower biomass
  • Drying methods and timing to ensure highest retention of cannabinoids
  • Extracting processes that optimize your return
  • Maximizing your ROI each step of the way

The Importance of Hemp Genetics

Superior Genetics for a Profitable Yield

Starting with superior genetics is the best way to ensure a successful crop. Farmers have long relied on professionally bred varieties for their traditional crops such as corn, soybeans, and cotton. Hemp is no different. New West Genetics applies the breeding techniques that have proven to be successful in mainstream crops to hemp to ensure high germination rates, excellent grain yields and high-CBD flower tailored to row crop farmers.

New West Genetics has the longest and most robust hemp breeding program in the U.S., delivering the best genetics to ensure a profitable yield. 

During the Showcase and proceeding virtual series, experts will explain and demonstrate why dual purpose hemp, grown for both high-CBD flower and nutritious hemp grain, will be the preferred method of hemp production. New West Genetics is confident the demand for hemp products will continue to grow as new regulatory approvals enable new products for both human and animal markets.


Larimer County COVID-19 Health Plan Approved

The event is approved by the local county health department and all departmental guidelines will be strictly followed.

COVID-19 guidelines that will be followed at the Showcase include:

  • Mandatory face coverings for everyone attending the event including hosts and sponsors
  • Six feet of social distancing
  • Populations at higher risk for severe COVID-19 are respectfully encouraged not to attend
  • Numerous hand washing and sanitizing stations will be on-site
  • Boxed lunches will be provided to limit contact

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