ABOUND® Multi-purpose Varieties

Revolutionizing the Hemp Industry

Our genomics assisted breeding program enables the rapid development of superior varietals that lay a strong foundation for the rapidly expanding hemp industry.


Success Starts at the Seed

New West Genetics is pleased to introduce three new ABOUND hemp seed varieties for row crop farmers.

Multi-Purpose Dioecious Varieties

  • USDA Interim Final Rule compliant to maturity
  • No need to test THC levels prior to harvest
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture Certificate of Analysis

ABOUND Varieties Demonstrate The Importance of Hemp Genetics

Seed your success with peace of mind.

When you purchase NWG seed you get support from agronomists you trust to help maximize the return-on-investment for your crop.

  • Personalized agronomic support package from 7 years of farming and breeding hemp.
  • Claims you can count on – 7 years of Research, Testing, and University trials to verify our hemp varieties.
  • Spend less, make more – with dual-purpose hemp farming you can maximize profits while decreasing input requirements.

Claims You Can Count On

Unparalleled breeding experience: we’ve spent the last 7 years selecting the most promising genetics with row crop farmers in mind. We’re producing varieties that are stable with high germ and vigor. The results are varieties with high grain and fiber yield, competitive CBD, and compliant THC all the way through harvest.

Science & Experience

With out the hype

  • Dioecious varieties yield multiple potential revenue streams: grain, fiber, and cannabinoids.
  • Agronomic support through out the season.
  • Strong seed pipeline focused on increased yield and unique grain and fiber traits.

Decades of experience in row crop breeding

When you purchase NWG seed you get seed developed carefully over years to meet the specifications necessary for row crop agriculture.

  • Expert breeding: selecting the most promising genetics for row crop farmers.
  • Bred for yield and compliance – high grain and biomass yield while not going hot.
  • Designed for success in large scale field production.
  • Excellent ROI for your success.

Return on Investment

Hemp production in the US has been limited to feminized options that are costly, labor intensive, unstable in the field, and prone to go “hot”. ABOUND varieties are revolutionizing the hemp industry through stable genetics, high germination rates, and low-cost row crop production methods enabling growers to reduce input costs dramatically. The results are varieties with high grain, flower and fiber yields, competitive cannabinoid content, and low THC all the way through to harvest.

Planting & Harvesting

A row crop approach

  • Low production costs: $300-$500 vs $10,000-$15,000 with current options.
  • Bred for mechanical production (seeding, cultivating, irrigating, and harvest)
  • Utilizes existing farm equipment (seeders, cultivators, center pivot, combine, balers)
  • Fits into your standard crop rotation to help support healthy soils and fight pest and disease pressure.
  • Competitive grain, fiber, flower, and cannabinoid yield.
  • Germination rates: 90%+
  • Stable, compliant THC to maturity

A new solution for low cost hemp farming

When you purchase NWG seed you get seed developed carefully over years to meet the specifications necessary for row crop agriculture.

  • NO hand planting, weeding, or harvesting
  • NO plastic mulch bed preparation
  • NO drip line installation
  • NO walking fields to rogue males