New West Genetics is engaged in foundational genetic discovery in the species Cannabis sativa, initially working in industrial hemp. (See our FAQ regarding the similarities and differences between low THC and high THC varieties) Until 2014, research on Cannabis in the US was stifled by prohibition, but now we are making up for that lost time. New West is transferring their proven track record of genetic discovery in mainstream crops to Cannabis sativa. All genetic discoveries made with in industrial hemp will be transferable to the entire species. New West intends to broaden their research to include high THC as regulation eases.


New West Genetics has made substantial improvements to Cannabis sativa and through focused breeding practice will continue to improve the productivity, yield and sustainability. Our varieties are optimized for mechanized planting and harvesting in US production environments, which will improve both patient access and the sustainability of the industry itself. We target numerous traits, including cannabinoid and terpene profiles, as well as more typical agricultural traits; yield, seed quality improvement, and disease resistance. We accomplish our breeding goals using a combination of pedigree and genomic predicted breeding values, then making traditional crosses the old fashioned way. (see FAQs regarding GMO’s) Our goal is to create tailored varieties for each industry segment: nutraceutical, food, feed, and fiber, and to continuously improve and adapt those as the markets shift.