ELITE – Dual Purpose Family



  • Is a dioecious seed bred for high yield grain production.
  • Flowers ~53 days after planting.
  • Height varies little, ranging from 67” (+/- 7”), ideal for wheat or corn harvest tools.
  • Is genetically stable in multiple agronomic and chemotypic traits.
  • It is the first US-bred hemp variety to pass a Dept of Ag THC trial: Across each region, NWG-ELITE showed stability in THC content, with a max of 0.2% (Legal limit is 0.3)
  • Performed in top 1-2 rankings in variety trials across the US
  • Is AOSCA certified.
  • In preliminary production trials produces at least 1000 lbs/acre.
  • CO Seed Lab testing:
    • Purity: 99.3%
    • Germination: 93%
    • Weeds: none
  • View the current Laboratory Report Of Analysis from the Colorado Seed Laboratory


Compliance with laws ensures a reduced risk product for consumers. New West Genetics does not view compliance as a gray area. We do not release seed or product unless we have validated over multiple seasons that the THC levels are compliant with federal and state law, well below 0.3% THC. In fact, NWG has bred a variety of hemp that when extracted remains below the detectable level of THC, eliminating the need to remove the THC during the extraction process. This product is called AboundTHCØ, and will be ready for release in 2021 in extract and in 2022 in seed. At all opportunities, we elect to have 3rd parties validate our claims. Read more here.


What is a variety? Fun fact! There are two applications of the term – the botanical term variety, and the legal term variety. The botanical term variety is largely a taxonomic label – it refers to the rank of the term in botanical hierarchy – a variety occupies the space below sub species, but above sub-variety.

As a legal term, variety means following the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) Convention. For plant breeders’ rights to be granted, the new variety must meet four criteria under the rules established by UPOV.

  1. The new plant must be novel, which means that it must not have been previously marketed in the country where rights are applied for.
  2. The new plant must be distinct from other available varieties.
  3. The plants must display homogeneity.
  4. The trait or traits unique to the new variety must be stable so that the plant remains true to type after repeated cycles of propagation.

New West Genetics creates compliant hemp varieties bred for high yield and optimized for mechanical harvestability, as well as for various market traits. To validate the performance of our seed, and to investigate where certain genetics perform best, we regularly enter trials across the US and other countries. See our most recent press release on the performance of our variety NWG-331, sold under ELITEse brand, in University of Kentucky’s trials. New West Genetics’ grain varieties, NWG-ELITE & NWG ELITEse® are both Certified. Read more about AOSCA certification here.

Data integrity


We take our mission of only completing data based discovery seriously. The first two years of R&D involved a highly selective process. Our average selections were less than 1% of what we grew. Breeding for multiple traits means you must make short term sacrifices in order to create stable, high value varieties. This selection process continues as we develop a wider and more varied portfolio to suit market specifics.


Our traits stand the test of time. We do not release a product until it has been shown to perform consistently for multiple generations. We utilize multiple independent analytics companies to verify our results.