New West Genetics Announces Acceptance into Yield Lab, the Country’s Premier Ag Tech accelerator for companies devoted to sustainable, innovative Ag solutions.

New West Genetics (NWG) is pleased to announce their acceptance into one of the country’s most respected Agtech accelerators – The Yield Lab in St Louis, Missouri. NWG is the first cannabis company to be accepted by Yield Lab, situated in the hub of the country’s Ag corridor. CEO Wendy Mosher states, “We are excited to have the Ag community engaging with the Cannabis community. Cannabis offers an excellent lesson in markets and the dynamics of an emerging industry, and in turn the Yield lab offers us expertise with production issues, as well as best practices to bring to market our novel varieties.”

“Yield Lab is excited to have New West Genetics as part of our cohort in 2017,” said Yield Lab Managing Director Jeff Peterson. “The experience and expertise of the New West management team is second to none in the field. They are progressing hemp genetics further and faster they anyone else in this space.”

Since its inception in 2014, New West Genetics has focused on creating large-scale harvestable, seed- based cannabis genetics for the United States marketplace. Currently, the company breeds hemp varieties that are tailored for various end-use products. Its’ well respected scientists utilize next generation sequencing to analyze the genomics of hemp with the intent to improve the varieties with genomic and marker based selection. The company promotes well-bred genetics as the key for cannabis and hemp companies to ensure product stability, improve sustainability of the industry in general, and solve problems like client accessibility, and production challenges such as pests and disease resistance. The Company’s CEO, Wendy Mosher notes: “We recognize not all cannabis will be grown outside due to regulatory hurdles. However, as much as can be grown outside, should. It is the right choice to make for increasing the sustainability of the industry, and the feasible choice economically, which equates to more value to the dollar for consumers and patients.”

In 2016, the company’s variety RelyTM passed the hemp variety trials managed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, making it the first US-bred hemp seed to pass a Department of Agriculture trial in any state. This year their variety Elite© is entered in a CDA THC stability trial program, while RELYTM is in variety trials in Nevada, Indiana, and Kentucky.

“We have exciting projects in our pipeline, both in terms of new seed varieties with never before seen traits for emerging markets, and improvements to our genetics tools and methods,” Wendy Mosher said. “We look forward to collaborating with Yield Lab to inform our team building, R&D and production optimization, and a nation wide roll out of our genetics. As an added bonus we get exposed to cutting edge innovations and technologies in Agriculture through learning from our fellow cohorts.”

About the Yield Lab:

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