ELITE® Dual Purpose Family




Is a family of dioecious hemp seed varieties that are genetically stable for large scale hemp grain and fiber production. NWG 331 is the first US-bred hemp variety to pass a Department of Agriculture THC trial.

NWG 331 Elite Hemp Grain & Fiber Variety

NWG 331

Certified in 2019 and launched commercially in 2020, NWG 331 is part of our ELITE family of hemp seed varieties bred for high stalk and grain yields. NWG 331 is unique inits ability to produce high stalk yields while maintaining an earlier maturity date to mitigate the risk of early fall frosts. It was highlighted by a University of Kentucky study for its high economic returns to growers due to good grain and stalk yields.

This variety is not currently in production contact us to inquire about licensing opportunities.

Standard NWG ELITE traits:

  • Flowering time: ~53 days after planting.
  • Stand Height: 5.0-6.0′, ideal for wheat or corn harvest tools.
  • Grain Yield: 1000 lbs/acre (Performed top 1-2 rankings in variety trials across the US)
  • Certification: Certified Seed
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New West Genetics creates compliant hemp varieties bred to optimize mechanical harvestability, high yields, and end market traits. To validate the performance of our seed, and to investigate where certain genetics perform best, we regularly enter trials across the US and other countries. See our most recent University Trial performance. New West Genetics’ grain and fiber varieties are certified varieties. Read more about AOSCA certification here.