New West Genetics leads Kentucky trials, rolls out production of high CBD, stable low THC hemp seed variety.

Today, New West Genetics announced that its proprietary hemp varieties, NWG-ELITE and NWG-RELY, placed in the top of trials conducted last summer at the University of Kentucky (see The dual-purpose trial included seven other varieties from various suppliers in Canada and Europe.  NWG-RELY, which was optimized for growing in the Southeastern US, won first place in both grain and straw yield, and NWG-ELITE, which is adapted for growing conditions in the Mountain West and Great Plains, won third place.

New West Genetics’ Director of Breeding, Dr. Richard Fletcher comments, “Our commitment to breeding hemp varieties containing high value cannabinoid traits and high yielding agronomic traits is paying off.  These traits bring increased value to farmers and hemp product makers, which in turn establishes a solid foundation for the emerging industry.”

New West Genetics has used its deep understanding of the hemp genome and conventional breeding to create several varieties for rapidly growing markets of hemp pharmaceuticals, edibles, cosmetics, and feed.  The Company, which launched its breeding effort in 2014, has been intently focused on cannabinoid content and the broad terpene spectrum, and has protected its products with US and international patent filings.  New West Genetics has used GMO-free methods to create varieties with enhanced CBD and CBG, and a true THC zero trait, all the way through harvest and drying, trademarked as THCØ™.  The Company will grow its first high CBD / low THC variety at production scale this coming season, and will roll into production multiple new traits each successive season.

CEO and President Wendy Mosher said “New West Genetics brings a leadership team with deep experience in the seed industry.  With this expertise, we are rapidly transitioning from variety trials to full-scale production.  I look forward to getting this season underway as we have a number of customers in the pipeline waiting for product. I also look forward to our ongoing contributions to our burgeoning industry.  Building an industry takes time, as does creating stable, predictable genetics. Both are well worth the wait.”

New West Genetics, a global leader in plant genetics, combines traditional breeding, modern genomics, and agronomic expertise to create premium, proprietary hemp seed—specifically bred for high-yield and sustainable, large-scale production.