(July 21, 2020, Fort Collins, Colorado)

New West Genetics, Inc. and Tritium 3H, Inc. (T3H) are pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive license agreement for distribution of Certified NWG2730 ABOUND™ hemp seed in Canada. New West Genetics is a hemp genetics company founded in 2014 with unparalleled breeding experience. Its mission is to bring hemp producers a well-bred, stable rotational option to their operations.

New West has spent the last seven years selecting the most promising, compliant hemp genetics to create NWG2730. Through stringent breeding methods, the Company produces dual and tri type varieties with various cannabinoid profiles, always coupled with rigorous agronomic traits that hemp producers expect.

NWG2730 is the first high CBD grain variety to be available in Canada. It is suited for complete mechanical production that fits well with broad acre production methods and equipment – enabling growers to dramatically increase revenue due to ease of production and high flower and grain yields.

Tritium 3H, Inc. is a Canadian hemp seed company and member of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, based in Lethbridge, Alberta. T3H specializes in hemp field testing, Certified seed production, commercialization and distribution of new industrial hemp varieties for the Canadian market.

“New West Genetics is a clear leader in hemp genetics and breeding which is why we selected them as a partner and with excellent grain yield and high CBD, NWG2730 is set to deliver unparalleled returns for Canadian producers.” said T3H President Scott Horner.

“We have partnered with T3H for two years, completing field trials to evaluate our varieties’ performance in Canada,” said New West Genetics CEO Wendy Mosher, CEO. “A key fit for NWG is T3H’s technical expertise with Certified seed, and with conducting sound varietal trials that evaluate multiple traits. Because of these, T3H is primed to serve the Canadian hemp cannabinoid market with premium genetics.”

“Our company is in its second year of field testing NWG varieties,” said T3H CEO Jayme Hunter. “After strong performance in 2019, testing was expanded in 2020 to include sites in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Health Canada cultivar approval is expected this fall and Certified seed is being increased and will be available for producers to plant in 2021”.

About NWG:

New West Genetics is a global leader in premium hemp seed genetics. New West Genetics combines traditional breeding, modern genomics, and agronomic expertise to create non-GMO, proprietary hemp seed bred for high yield, sustainable, large-scale production, as well as refined for various market traits.

About T3H:

Tritium 3H works collaboratively with breeders, producers and end users to bring well adapted hemp varieties with superior performance traits to market. It’s the goal of T3H to maximize value and return for partners at each step of the supply chain.

For more information visit us on the web at www.newwestgenetics.com or contact New West Genetics, Inc. at info@newwestgenetics.com