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New West Genetics Debuts New Hemp Seed Bred for Row Crop Farmers

Bringing Row Crop Production Principles to the Hemp Industry for Sustainability and Scalability

Fort Collins, Colo., Sept. 14 – Today, at an exclusive unveiling of New West Genetics’ unparalleled breeding program, the company officially introduced ABOUND, a line of hemp varieties specifically bred for row crop farmers.

For the hemp industry to have a future, it must be scalable to ensure a stable supply chain with quality products. Row crop farmers are key to the industry’s future.

“Row crop production principles are the answer to a sustainable hemp industry and row crop farmers are vital to move the hemp industry to the next level by cultivating and producing high-quality hemp at scale,” said New West Genetics President Wendy Mosher.

The ABOUND varieties are backed by seven years of research and development by breeders and geneticists with experience in traditional crops like corn, rice, and canola. ABOUND varieties are bred to produce both nutritious grain and high-CBD flower, enabling two revenue streams for growers. Importantly, farmers can use existing farm machinery to direct seed and harvest the crop, greatly reducing manual labor and increasing their return on investment.

“The costly manual-labor required for feminized-only hemp seed production is not a scalable option. We saw this in the 2019 season when many farmers ended up upside down financially. Using existing farm machinery to grow and harvest hemp is a game changer for the industry and for farmers’ ROI,” said Mosher.

The “feminized-only” seed planting method is frequently promoted as the only method for high-CBD flower production. While feminized-only production is well suited for the smokeable flower markets, it cannot be scaled efficiently to supply CBD and other cannabinoids to meet the extract market demand expected with FDA approvals. Once the FDA gives this approval for use of CBD in supplements and the food and beverage market, as well as grain for animal feed, quickly scaled and affordable production will be urgently needed.

In contrast for feminized production, dioecious varieties like the ABOUND lines – containing both male and female plants – produce high-CBD flower and nutritious grain. This is a relevant distinction as consumer awareness and demand for CBD and nutritious grain grow in tandem. Grand View Research forecasts the global industrial hemp market to grow from USD 4.6 billion in 2019 to USD 15.2 billion by 2025.

Today, NWG also announced the launch of a monthly educational virtual series, “Follow the Seed and Flower,” which will document the hemp pipeline post-harvest from the dryer, to seed separation, lab testing, and the extraction process. Registration to join the “Follow the Seed and Flower” virtual series will be open on Oct. 1. Sign up here for the NWG newsletter for alerts.

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