New West Genetics (NWG) is pleased to announce seed production for their hybrid trait, AMPLIFY, has begun this 2023 season. NWG’s AMPLIFY trait creates a non-GMO hybrid that doubles grain yield while offering the traditional benefits of a hybrid crop. This jump in yield and reliability will revolutionize the economics of hemp production, enabling hemp to compete with established crops like soy and canola, paving the way for hemp’s entry into the food, feed, and sustainable fuels markets.

The power of hybrid crops has transformed agricultural production, addressing the needs of the expanding population and the needs of farmers for more vigorous and reliable genetics. “Beyond yield increases that come with hybrids, the benefits also include faster growth, seedling vigor, better stress responses, and disease resistance,” reports NWG Chief Technology Officer Rich Fletcher. In challenging conditions, hybrid varieties can become better established than open-pollinated or conventional genetics. Hybrids like AMPLIFY also allow for more flexibility with planting timing, which is highly valuable for unpredictable weather patterns.

Field of NWG AMPLIFY, a non-GMO hybrid trait and genetic gender skew that doubles yields.

Field of NWG AMPLIFY, a non-GMO hybrid trait and genetic gender skew that doubles yields.

In the US, acceptance of hemp in traditional rotations requires that the crop is economically competitive with established crops, including soy and corn. NWG’s AMPLIFY technology combines genetic traits, hybrid vigor, and entirely female populations to drive hemp grain to reach and even exceed this threshold. Whereas a typical hybrid yield increase in row crops ranges from 10-30%, AMPLIFY enables a 2x yield increase. This innovative combination allows NWG’s seed to out-compete traditional sources of oils and proteins.

Cristine Handel, Ag tech consultant and former Global Head of Business Development at Syngenta, is excited about the value hemp brings to the supply chain. She remarks; “Farmers are looking for new, competitive crops that bring economic results and added soil health for farm sustainability. With AMPLIFY, NWG has provided that and more. AMPLIFY is poised to become a solid rotation option for farmers, bringing much higher yields, ease of agronomy and the bonus of an exceptional root system for carbon sequestration.”

AMPLIFY hybrid technology will roll out in 2024 with NWG’s strategic partners, then will be widely available in the 2025 season. NWG CEO Wendy Mosher states, “By harnessing the power of hybrid technology, we ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the hemp industry. We are excited to showcase the AMPLIFY hybrid trait in trial plots across the US this 2023 season; contact us for a location near you.”

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