NWG CSO, Rich Fletcher and Director of Agronomy, Daniel Willis visit customers and trial partners across the Northern Midwest and Mountain West. Thanks to hardworking producers, NWG ABOUND® varieties are looking stellar in commercial fields across the US. Producers get peace of mind with hands-on agronomic support from NWG’s experts.

This organic NWG 2463 grain field is progressing well. The weed suppression is impressive for an organic field planted at 25 lbs/ac

NWG 2463 Organic Grain Production in Idaho 2023

A Minnesota hemp field of NWG 2463, grown for grain and hurd, looks good thanks to some great farming and solid seed!

NWG 2463 Grain & Fiber Production in Minnesota

A commercial field of NWG 4113 in Southern Idaho will bring in top yields thanks to great agronomic management, uniform stand, and weed suppression. This stand is averaging 12ft!

NWG 4113 Fiber Production Field in Idaho 072623

This is fiber-forward variety NWG 4113 in Southwest Idaho. The uniform stand behind this farmer makes for an easier time at harvest.

NWG 4113 Fiber Production in Idaho 071323

Trust NWG for compliance, reliable germination and stand development, and ease of harvest all resulting in excellent yields!