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NWG Awarded Grant from OEDIT’s Advanced Industries Accelerator Program

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New West Genetics has been awarded a grant as part of the Advanced Industries Accelerator Programs! We are honored to be among the Colorado startups and researchers selected to receive this award for our groundbreaking work. New West is committed to addressing the challenges facing agriculture through hemp. The grant award, administered by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation. Specifically, this grant will play a pivotal role in propelling our commercialization efforts for AMPLIFY™ to new heights. Our newest genetic technology, AMPLIFY, a genetic hybrid and gender skew trait is being produced on Colorado soil this season in preparation for commercial launch. The hybrid vigor and gender skew doubles grain and flower yield, as well as greatly increases the uniformity of stalks in the field. This dramatic yield increase and uniformity allows hemp grain to compete with the likes of soy and cotton, opening the door to adoption for food, feed, fiber, and sustainable fuels markets. AMPLIFY will revolutionize the hemp industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to further our mission. We would like to express our gratitude to the state of Colorado, our Governor for his focus on innovation through the private sector, and the Advanced Industries Accelerator Programs of OEDIT for their trust in our team and our work. Moreover, we would like to extend our appreciation to all of our NWG team members whose dedication and hard work made this achievement possible. Their [...]

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Pre-emergent Herbicide Labeled for Hemp

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Pre-emergent Herbicide Labeled for Hemp The New West Genetics Agronomy team advises that hemp now has a labeled pre-emergent herbicide available. Hemp producers can benefit from soil-applied residual weed control, providing a head start for the hemp crop to reach canopy and suppress weeds. “This effort included extensive trial work with private cooperators and universities and IR-4’s work in Hemp, Stevia, and crop group expansion. This registration also marks the first U.S. tolerance of a herbicide for use in hemp.”

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April Newsletter 2023

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Planting Season Support NWG is invested in building the US hemp industry, and ensuring a future with knowledgeable, experienced, and successful hemp farmers. Our agronomic support package is designed to educate and empower farmers to maximize hemp yields and optimize hemp in their crop rotation. Our agronomy team is sitting down with producers discussing soil tests, field selection & preparation, grain drill settings, fertility requirements and optimal planting conditions to target. Getting hemp planted and establishing a stand can be a challenge, but with good agronomic management you can achieve great emergence and set your field up for successful yields. NWG Agronomic Excellence Program Our premium, US bred seed is backed by 9 years of breeding AND agronomic support from experienced agronomists to maximize your production success. Processors and producers alike appreciate peace of mind having a team at their side. We support you through learning a new crop and achieving grain and fiber yields to meet specifications. Find out more about our agronomic support package and get connected with an NWG agronomist today. NWG Agronomy Package

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NWG AMPLIFY in Demonstration Fields this Summer

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The new NWG AMPLIFY trait in Demonstration Fields this Summer AMPLIFY is a non-GMO hybrid trait that genetically skews the ratio of female to male plants from 50:50 to 90:10 or higher. This in concert with the hybrid vigor doubles grain and flower yield, as well as greatly increases the uniformity of stalks in the field. This dramatic yield increase and uniformity allows hemp grain to compete with the likes of soy and cotton, opening the door to adoption for food, feed, fiber, and sustainable fuels markets. AMPLIFY is a trait that can be bred into most hemp genetics. Demonstration fields will be growing across the country this season, so we hope you get the chance to see these genetics in action. Stay tuned for Field Day information. Contact NWG for licensing opportunities.

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NWG Dual Purpose Genetics + Agronomic Excellence

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NWG ABOUND varieties are multi-purpose varieties that can be harvested for grain, fiber, and/or cannabinoids; granting farmers multiple market options. Our Agronomic Excellence Program, included in seed pricing, offers farmers a path to maximize their ROI. Contact us today to learn about market opportunities and how US bred, certified hemp benefits your bottom line. 800.970.1615 or

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NWG’s Agronomic Excellence Program

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New West Genetics is proud of our Agronomic Excellence Program! Developed over our nine years of hemp production, we offer these learnings to customers in order to maximize your hemp production. When you order NWG hemp seed, you not only access genetics backed by years of US based breeding but you also receive personalized support from real world experienced agronomists. Grow NWG ABOUND and get the chance to consult with NWG agronomists throughout the season! Longest Running US Hemp Breeding Program Included with 40+ acre purchase. Agronomic Excellence Program 2023 InfoSheet Visit for more information.  

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What is Certified Seed?

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Did you know, there are 4 classes of Certified Seed? Learn about what these classes mean, how Certified seed is produced and why it is superior in quality and value. The NCIA posts Current Standards for Certified Seed outlining production specifications and certification requirements and details seed lot standards for quality and purity. Find your local Crop Improvement Association or Seed Growers’ Association for more insights.

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NWG ABOUND® Fiber Forward Varieties

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NWG ABOUND® fiber forward varieties 2022 Customer success across the US! These hemp plots performed well thanks to good agronomic practices and the high germ and uniformity of our well-bred Certified seed varieties. See for yourself how US-bred fiber varieties compete. NWG will meet the average cost of competitor varieties on qualifying orders - offer ends 01/31/2023. Request seed or 800.970.1615 Seed Made in the USA.

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Renewing the NWG Mission in 2023

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Longest Running US Hemp Breeding Program. We're on a mission to contribute solutions to solve global agricultural challenges. We combine traditional breeding, modern genomics, and agronomic expertise to create non-GMO, proprietary hemp seed bred for high-yield, hybrid vigor, and sustainable production. Success starts at the seed.

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Minnesota Farm Fest

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This week NWG CSO, John McKay visits the great state of Minnesota! He is talking with prospective hemp farmers and demonstrating our varieties at Minnesota Farm Fest. Minnesota Farmfest strives to bring together the best in agribusiness from Minnesota and around the country. This endeavor provides one place for farmers to network, experience and learn to grow their farming operations. The event takes place across 50 acres of land to showcase products, services and technologies from over 500 exhibitors and vendors. Through careful planning and organization, they provide live product demonstrations, host smart and insightful educational sessions and organize fun family activities to not only help farmers grow their family businesses but also to celebrate farming and the rural lifestyle. We are excited to join Minnesota Hemp Growers Co-op at this event and talk about hemp production opportunities in Minnesota. Tomorrow John heads on up to an NWG breeding site at University of Minnesota and a visit the Minnesota Hemp Growers Co-op's NWG 4000 crop. Its a BUSY but rewarding time in the season visiting fields of our genetics across the US. John McKay promotes NWG hemp genetics at Minnesota Farmfest Minnesota Farmfest Hemp Plot - Planted in July

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