January 9, 2024

New West Genetics (NWG) hemp hybrids; NWG10 and NWG12,  have been approved by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies’ (AOSCA) Hemp Variety Review Board as qualified for Certified seed status.

“This is the first approval of industrial hemp hybrids made using a genetic system, to be recognized by the AOSCA Variety Review Board. Previous hemp hybrids accepted by AOSCA were created through chemically feminized seed to serve the CBD flower market. In contrast, AMPLIFY hybrids can be made at commercial scale, realized through a patent-pending trait;  a genetic gender skew defined by an average ratio of 90% female plants and 10% male plants in a population,  rather than the average 50/50 mix found in industrial hemp varieties.  The high proportion of female plants along with hybrid vigor leads to drastic increases in yield that will fundamentally change the economics of industrial hemp grain production for growers and processors. NWG is using the knowledge gained over the past 100 years of hybrid crop improvement to accelerate our breeding program.“  reports NWG Chief Technology Officer Rich Fletcher.

NWG AMPLIFY’s non-chemical, non-GMO technology combines genetic traits, hybrid vigor, and skewed female populations to enable hemp grain to reach and even exceed the yields of crops like soybeans and canola while offering the same protein levels, and a higher quality and quantity of oil.   This jump in vigor, yield, and reliability is revolutionizing the economics of hemp production, paving the way to greatly scale hemp’s application for food, feed, and sustainable fuel markets. Because AMPLIFY seed can be produced by NWG at a commercial scale, this trait will be rapidly deployed to the market.

Amplify was demonstrated across multiple sites in Canada and the US this past 2023 season. “We grew an AMPLIFY hybrid next to an open-pollinated variety -the difference was like night and day,” commented a Montana farmer. AMPLIFY pilot seed production was highly successful in the 2023 season and is available in 2024 to NWG strategic partners who process hemp grain, providing farmers with a market opportunity. AMPLIFY will be more widely available in 2025.

“Growing twice the amount of yield from an acre is a huge victory for more efficient land and input use. AMPLIFY serves the same proteins and oil markets as canola, soy, and any alternative oilseed, but with much higher yields. We expect that a supply chain focused on sustainability will demand that food, feed, and fuel providers adopt this more sustainable hybrid crop,”  Wendy Mosher NWG CEO states;  “We have only just begun.  NWG has other traits in the pipeline that will push this species even further, including breeding for adaptation to more northern latitudes, and traits that increase sustainability. It is urgent that we diversify our ag production system, and there is no better way than to invest in industrial hemp.”

More on Certified Seed: The goal of seed certification is to establish and maintain varietal purity to ensure that growers receive pure, high-quality seed as verified by a 3rd party.  Seed varieties and hybrids that have successfully passed through the AOSCA variety review process are eligible for the production of Certified hemp seed following AOSCA Standards. The variety review is conducted by representatives of seed certifying agencies, academia, the seed industry, and USDA, following requirements established in the U.S Seed Act, to make certain new varieties are distinct, genetically uniform, and stable.  After the review, seed certifying agencies work closely with seed producers, following AOSCA standards throughout the growing season.  Seed that has successfully met AOSCA Standards may be labeled with the familiar “Blue Tag” that shows customers they are receiving quality, verified seed genetics. To learn more, visit AOSCA.

NWG AMPLIFY Hybrid Hemp 2023 Production Field

NWG AMPLIFY Hybrid Seed Production Northern Colorado in 2023

Rich Fletcher Director of Hemp Breeding

NWG CTO and Director of Breeding, Rich Fletcher, in front of NWG AMPLIFY hybrid trial plots.

New West Genetics' hemp plot trial in Colorado in 2022

NWG AMPLIFY research and development plot and strip trials conducted in 2022.