Support the US Hemp Industry; Source US produced genetics.
New West Genetics develops US-adapted high-yielding certified hemp seed for various markets. Our varieties are bred for scaled production systems and possess traits that improve ROI for farmers and processors. As the hemp industry grows, processors and producers are looking for ways to improve yields and reduce the risk of crop failure. Investing in US-bred hemp genetics is one of the most effective ways to achieve these goals.
Adapted genetics offer several benefits, including improved germination, uniform emergence, early season vigor, high harvest index, and high yield potential. In addition to being selected and bred in the US, New West Genetics produces Certified seed that meets AOSCA’s standards for purity and germination. In addition to our internal seed production, NWG works with experienced US seed producers to maintain high-quality seed lots. Seed is always thoroughly cleaned, conditioned, and third-party tested to verify seed lots meet quality standards. High germination is especially important for processors and producers looking to maximize their yields and improve ROI.
Producers that source and plant US-bred hemp genetics also benefit from early-season establishment and vigor. NWG selects for hail, pest, disease resistance, and other adverse environmental conditions. We also have selected for early canopy establishment to help out-compete the weeds. This can be especially important for processors and producers susceptible to early season environmental pressure – NWG is dedicated to seeing every crop off to a strong start to reduce customer risk.
These traits and more combine to result in high harvest index and yield potential. Processors and producers can expect to get more usable products from each plant, which increases profits and reduces overall costs. NWG is invested in building a strong foundation for the US hemp industry and ensuring a future with knowledgeable, experienced, and successful hemp farmers. Our agronomic support package educates and empowers farmers to maximize their hemp yields and optimize hemp in their crop rotation. Investing in US-bred hemp genetics is a smart choice for any processor or producer looking to reduce the risk of crop failure through expert agronomic support and high-yielding, regionally adapted hemp genetics.
American-made seed for American farmers

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