NWG 2463

Top-yielding dual-purpose variety

Certified in 2020 with a commercial launch in 2022, NWG 2463 is the most dynamic in our dual-purpose ABOUND family.

NWG 2463 demonstrated consistently high grain and stalk yields in the 2021 NWG Field Trials and had the highest grain yield of all entries in the 2021 University of Illinois Hemp Trials.


  • Grain

  • Stalk (fiber & hurd)

  • Flower (Cannabinoids)


More grain yield than other NWG varieties.


Deeper roots and more carbon sequestration.

Production Photos

Trait Averages

All specs listed are based on data from 7.5″ row spacing.

Yields stated are estimated based on the best and most current data available – Actual yields will vary depending on Grower practices.

*Stalk yield measured after grain head is harvested.

Grain Yield

1600-2000 lbs/ac

Stalk yield*

4500-5500 lbs/ac


6.0-10.0 ft

Day to flower

50-60 days after planting

Day to maturity

106-110 days after planting

THC Compliance


Plant Performance Zones

Plant height, stalk biomass increases with higher latitude and soil fertility.

NWG 2463 Zones

At lower latitudes NWG 2463 is a short grain only variety, while at northern latitudes it is a tall dual-purpose grain and fiber variety.

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