ABOUND® Multi-Purpose Family

Revolutionizing the Hemp Industry

Our genomics assisted breeding program enables the rapid development of superior varietals that lay a strong foundation for the rapidly expanding hemp industry.


Top Yielding US Bred Hemp Seed 


NWG ABOUND Seed Varieties

NWG 2730

Flagship Variety – 2020 Release

New High Performing Varieties

New varieties with stronger agronomic traits, CDA certified THC compliance, and higher CBD content.

NWG 4000

New Variety – Limited Launch 2021

NWG 4113

New Variety – Limited Launch 2021

NWG 2463

New Variety Release – Coming in 2022


New West Genetics is pleased to introduce three new ABOUND hemp seed varieties for row crop farmers.

  • ABOUND family of hemp varieties – specifically bred for row crop farming with stable genetics for stand uniformity, high germ rates, and top yield in grain, fiber, and CBD.
  • Row crop farmers can reap the benefit of a multi-purpose crop – growing for more outputs and reducing input costs by using mechanized agricultural practices
  • Row crop farmers trust superior, dependable seed genetics to ensure a successful crop at any point in their rotation.

“With New West Genetics ABOUND® varieties offering the potential for dual purpose crops they give farmers the ability to scale and mechanize – it is a natural progression for the industry. The dual crop model is going to help adoption of hemp in the industry, because that is a barrier for many growers who are not willing to transplant by hand, lay drip line, and hand harvest like I did a couple of years ago.”

Willie Hughes, Wisconsin Hemp Farmer & Organic Farmer.

ABOUND Varieties Demonstrate The Importance of Hemp Genetics

  • Backed by seven years of research and development by breeders and geneticists with experience in traditional crops like corn and canola
  • Enables multiple revenue streams – bred to produce nutritious grain, fiber, and high-CBD flower
  • Greatly reduced labor costs increases return on investment

“NWG is bringing the heat, and breeding for traits to make the crop more cruise control like than what most farmers are used to because those genetics have be trialed for years. NWG 2730 in the right conditions is growing like corn, and that’s very promising.”

James Garman, Kansas Hemp Farmer and KannaCo CEO.

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