What is Hybrid Hemp?

The NWG breeding program began working on hybrid hemp genetics to leverage the advantages hybrids have created in other major crop species (e.g. corn, canola, et.) such as higher and more consistent yields, stress tolerance and harvestability. NWG AMPLIFY hybrids have the added benefit of a skewed percentage of females to 90%, thus creating massive increase in grain yield potential.  But some might be asking, what is hybrid hemp?

What is a Hybrid?

Hybrid hemp refers to the F1 (first generation) seed harvested from a cross between two genetically distinct varieties.  This produces an effect known as heterosis, where the F1 generation outperforms either of its parents for desirable traits such as grain and/or fiber yield, early season vigor, tolerance to environmental stresses, and other agronomic traits. Heterosis has fueled the gains in yield and overall performance that we have seen in corn over the past 100 years. Hybrids will do the same for hemp by significantly improving grain and/or fiber yield potential, yield stability across geographies and overall harvested crop quality compared to traditional Open-Pollinated hemp varieties.

It is important to note that not every hybrid cross results in heterosis (e.g. hybrid vigor: increased yields, tolerance to environmental stress, etc). In fact, most hybrid combinations do not result in heterosis. Well-bred parents in a hybrid breeding program are selected from genetic backgrounds that increase the likelihood of heterosis, as exemplified by crops like hybrid corn and canola. NWG has these background parent pools to drive sustained yield gains for industry growth and sustainability. NWG AMPLIFY hybrids are bred from parent genetics selected over 10 years and myriad generations to achieve hybrid hemp with exceptional agronomic and market traits.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Hemp?

A well-bred hemp hybrid will demonstrate higher tolerance to biotic (e.g. pests, diseases, etc.) and abiotic stresses (e.g. drought, heat, etc.) in addition to higher nutrient-use efficiency , which translates to overall higher yields and yield stability. It also improves the sustainability of production through a reduction in the use of pesticides and other inputs. Developing successful hybrid hemp genetics requires the development and selection of genetically distinct parents  for hybridization to ensure the desired traits are inherited by the offspring. In the NWG breeding program, we focus on selecting parent traits with good agronomic traits for ease of production and market traits to provide ease and value to processors.

NWG AMPLIFY hybrid hemp genetics have been, and continue to be, evaluated in university and industry partner variety trials to assess regional performance and adaptability to different growing conditions and optimize cultivation techniques. AMPLIFY hybrids are commercial in 2024 with select strategic partners.

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AMPLIFY Hybrid Hemp at Harvest
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