Can I buy seed from you?
As of Winter 2017, all of New West Genetics seed has been spoken for until Q4 of 2018! We will however be contacting farmers and growers to contract grow some of the 2018 season. Please sign up here if you are interested
sign up here.

Can I buy grain from you?
Absolutely! Rely© is a certified grain variety that is bred specifically for the Western region. In season 2018 we will have Rely© grain readily available for retail product makers.

Can I buy your high CBD seed?
We will not sell our high CBD seed in the United States yet, but what New West Genetics can do is work with interested companies and contract to grow these high CBD seeds on the client’s behalf.

What is Brewer’s Hemp©?
Brewers’ Hemp© refers to specialty varieties bred and designed after working in collaboration with brewers to develop flavor profiles based on specific, unique terpene and cannabinoid content. NWG verifies that each unique profile meets exact brewer’s specifications and enhances their craft brewed beverages.

People are making beer out of hemp?
The similarities in the aromas emitted by the flowering plants Humulus lupulus (hops) and Cannabis sativa (marijuana) has led to a movement among commercial and home brewers. The Cannabaceae plant family is very unique and quite exclusive; among its’ limited members are Cannabis and Humulus. Aside from their similar flower structure both of these species contain terpenes, which are found in most of the plant and fungi across the planet. Terpenes are responsible for the aromatic compounds that give cannabis its aroma and beer its distinct flavor. Brewers are crafting new recipes using these varying and isolated terpene profiled hemp plants to make beer in delectably exciting new flavors.

What does certified seed mean?
This term refers to seeds that are genetically pure to the varietal identity. Certified seeds are labeled through an official seed-certifying agency (AOSCA) program that helps make genetically pure seeds (field crops, turf grasses, fruits, vegetables, woody plants, forbs and vegetative propagated species) available for sale. Once seed has been certified, it qualifies for the official “blue” certified seed tag and meets state, federal and international seed law requirements.

Why are certified seeds better?
Seed certification provides growers and farmers third party verification that a seed will perform as advertised. This can be related to the rate of germination, yield percentage and harvest uniformity. For hemp seeds the Department of Agriculture or the state agriculture university will test to verify that the THC content is stable and below 0.3%. The Colorado Department of Agriculture tested NWG Rely© in the field season of 2016 and certified that this variety passed the THC validation. New West Genetics is excited to submit Rely© for AOSCA certification in the 2017 field season.