AOSCA seed certification provides growers third-party verification that a seed is a genetically pure variety that has been professionally produced to provide the highest quality seed possible, and will perform as labeled. In some states, like Colorado, the State Department of Agriculture or the agriculture university will test and validate that the variety’s THC is stable and below 0.3%, in addition to the seed being AOSCA certified. These are two separate processes. Just because a seed demonstrates THCV compliance does NOT mean it is also AOSCA certified, or vice versa. Be sure to look for both the 3rd party validation of THC, as well as AOSCA Certification.

Currently, New West Genetics offers NWG ELITE®, a dioecious grain variety that is both AOSCA Certified, and validated as having compliant, stable THC levels by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. NWG ELITESE (for the southeastern portion of the US) has also been certified. See varietal descriptions here.