Certified seed has been grown according to AOSCA Standards to maintain genetic purity.  A seed certifying agency works closely with seed growers to help them follow AOSCA Standards throughout the production process.  AOSCA Standards apply to hemp and a wide range of field crops, turf grasses, fruits, vegetables, woody plants, forbs and vegetatively propagated species available for sale. Seed lots that complete the seed certification process qualify for the official “Blue” Certified seed tag, assuring the seed customer that the seed meets genetic and varietal purity standards.
Seed Certification is not a one-and-done process. 
Every seed lot is individually produced according to AOSCA Standards and inspected to earn a Certified seed tag or label. Before planting each season, the seed grower applies to their local seed certifying agency to indicate they will plant and reproduce the pure seed of a recognized variety.  The agency inspects the field during the growing season to confirm that the plants are uniform and true to type for that variety, and the seed grower uses good management practices to ensure purity is maintained from planting to seed conditioning and packaging.