Why does NWG produce dioecious varieties?

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NWG is aiming to make access to cannabinoids more efficient, scalable and high-yielding. Dioecious production is the least costly production method, on average 100x less than any hand cultivation. Hand production of more traditional bushy type CBD varieties is not going away, as it serves the craft, smokeable flower market well. However, as markets mature, in [...]

What does the term “dioecious” mean?

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A dioecious plant is one where the male and female reproductive systems occur on separate plants. While both plants produce flowers, one plant has the male reproductive parts and the other plant has the female parts. This is unlike a monoecious plant, which has both male and female flowers.

What is feminized seed and does NWG make feminized seed?

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Feminized seed is just as it sounds, a seed source which produces predominantly female plants. A higher proportion of female plants is desirable since females are the source of almost all of the economically important products whether they be seed for grain or flower (e.g. buds) for extraction. Breeders of feminized seed do not select for [...]

Does NWG make autoflower genetics?

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The term autoflower is a Cannabis-specific term which defines genotypes that are insensitive to photoperiod (e.g. daylength). Simply put, photoperiod insensitive genetics do not require shortening daylengths to initiate flowering. It is common for “autoflower” advertisements to specify the number of days to flowering and maturity, some in as few as 60 days. However, this is [...]

Why are certified seeds better?

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AOSCA seed certification provides growers third-party verification that a seed is a genetically pure variety that has been professionally produced to provide the highest quality seed possible, and will perform as labeled. In some states, like Colorado, the State Department of Agriculture or the agriculture university will test and validate that the variety’s THC is stable [...]

What is certified seed?

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Certified seed has been grown according to AOSCA Standards to maintain genetic purity.  A seed certifying agency works closely with seed growers to help them follow AOSCA Standards throughout the seed production process.  AOSCA Standards apply to hemp and a wide range of field crops, turf grasses, fruits, vegetables, woody plants, forbs and vegetative propagated species [...]

Can I buy seed from you?

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Yes! We currently sell both grain and enhanced CBD varieties. Because they are specialty bred for mechanical production, our genetics are best suited for larger-scale production, with producers who have farm equipment for row cropping: order here

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