NWG Awarded Grant from OEDIT’s Advanced Industries Accelerator Program

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New West Genetics has been awarded a grant as part of the Advanced Industries Accelerator Programs! We are honored to be among the Colorado startups and researchers selected to receive this award for our groundbreaking work. New West is committed to addressing the challenges facing agriculture through hemp. The grant award, administered by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation. Specifically, this grant will play a pivotal role in propelling our commercialization efforts for AMPLIFY™ to new heights. Our newest genetic technology, AMPLIFY, a genetic hybrid and gender skew trait is being produced on Colorado soil this season in preparation for commercial launch. The hybrid vigor and gender skew doubles grain and flower yield, as well as greatly increases the uniformity of stalks in the field. This dramatic yield increase and uniformity allows hemp grain to compete with the likes of soy and cotton, opening the door to adoption for food, feed, fiber, and sustainable fuels markets. AMPLIFY will revolutionize the hemp industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to further our mission. We would like to express our gratitude to the state of Colorado, our Governor for his focus on innovation through the private sector, and the Advanced Industries Accelerator Programs of OEDIT for their trust in our team and our work. Moreover, we would like to extend our appreciation to all of our NWG team members whose dedication and hard work made this achievement possible. Their [...]

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Planting Density & NWG Fiber Varieties

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This 2023 season, NWG will enter trials that asses fiber quality across varieties for various applications. Many unknowns still exist in fiber specifications and genetic performance across varieties, but what we do know is that NWG varieties are compliant, harvestable, and more uniform than most.   Another recent study out of Turkey, Optimizing plant density for fiber and seed production in industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), looked at hemp planting densities and their relation to stem diameter and fiber quality - there is high variation within the genetics.   “Stem diameter was significantly altered by cultivars…The highest stem diameter was noted under 100 and 150 plants m−2 planting densities, whereas planting at 250 plants m−2 resulted in the lowest values.” (The trial planting densities range from 400k - 1M plants/ac.)   NWG is constantly improving and adapting genetics to US environments- we have a rich pipeline that is responsive to market needs. NWG varieties can be planted at lower densities, and due to well-bred genetics, the stalk diameter remains low. This translates to less seed needed per acre, rendering a competitive price point/acre.   In the right latitude, NWG varieties flower in a timely manner, lowering seed production costs, and keeping seed production in the US, adding value and know-how to our US supply chain. Seed production costs to commercial yield calculations should be assessed in every model. We value working with and understanding processor models. There are many models out there; we’re always happy to discuss and see if NWG [...]

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Pre-emergent Herbicide Labeled for Hemp

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Pre-emergent Herbicide Labeled for Hemp The New West Genetics Agronomy team advises that hemp now has a labeled pre-emergent herbicide available. Hemp producers can benefit from soil-applied residual weed control, providing a head start for the hemp crop to reach canopy and suppress weeds. “This effort included extensive trial work with private cooperators and universities and IR-4’s work in Hemp, Stevia, and crop group expansion. This registration also marks the first U.S. tolerance of a herbicide for use in hemp.”

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