Best Pricing of the Season

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NWG offers its best pricing in the form of early season discounts for qualified orders*. Monthly discounts start in September. This is your opportunity to get premium, US bred, certified seed for a fraction of the price. Available varieties in the ABOUND multi-purpose family include NWG 2463, NWG 4113, and NWG 2730. Agronomy support included with qualifying orders of NWG’s US bred, certified seed. For Seed Sales contact or 800-970-1615 Success starts at the seed. *Qualified orders are 40 acres or more

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University of Kentucky Hemp Education Sessions & Field Day

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New West Genetics CSO, Dr. John Mckay attends the University of Kentucky Hemp Education Sessions & Field Day on Tuesday September 12th in Lexington, KY. NWG AMPLIFY™ hybrids are on display at UK along with other hemp varieties. Dr. McKay will talk with attendees about our current commercial varieties from the NWG ABOUND® family, and more on our soon-to-be released family of hybrids with the AMPLIFY™ trait. A morning Grain Series sponsored by Victory Hemp Foods occurs from 8:30AM to 1PM (ET) followed by the afternoon Education Session from 1PM to 4:15PM. Field tours are from 4:30PM to 7:30PM. Special shout out to Victory Hemp and to Dr. Bob Pearce for all their hard work making this event happen.    

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Seed Production Insights

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Success starts at the seed. The New West Genetics agronomy team produces US bred ABOUND® and AMPLIFY™ seed in Northern Colorado. Seed production is challenging yet rewarding, and in-house seed production leads to improved quality and yields. Our NWG 4113 seed production field shows excellent uniformity, and our agronomists expect record yields. This fiber-forward variety offers outstanding performance in commercial fields across the US this summer. The NWG AMPLIFY seed production field is solid and on its way to an impressive harvest. Seed production can be painstaking, but close stewardship is worth it. We’re ready for these exceptional yields and quality seed! Trust NWG for US-adapted hemp seed varieties, top yields, and vigorous stands. For Seed Sales contact or 800-970-1615

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