April Newsletter 2023

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Planting Season Support NWG is invested in building the US hemp industry, and ensuring a future with knowledgeable, experienced, and successful hemp farmers. Our agronomic support package is designed to educate and empower farmers to maximize hemp yields and optimize hemp in their crop rotation. Our agronomy team is sitting down with producers discussing soil tests, field selection & preparation, grain drill settings, fertility requirements and optimal planting conditions to target. Getting hemp planted and establishing a stand can be a challenge, but with good agronomic management you can achieve great emergence and set your field up for successful yields. NWG Agronomic Excellence Program Our premium, US bred seed is backed by 9 years of breeding AND agronomic support from experienced agronomists to maximize your production success. Processors and producers alike appreciate peace of mind having a team at their side. We support you through learning a new crop and achieving grain and fiber yields to meet specifications. Find out more about our agronomic support package and get connected with an NWG agronomist today. NWG Agronomy Package

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Indoor AgTech: Demonstrating Solutions for the Future of Farming

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New West Genetics conducted additional research on their hemp genetics at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center with the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2). This project allowed NWG to evaluate traits for best root systems for soil carbon sequestration. “Understanding underlying genomic traits enables breeders to quickly forward lines, in this case to select lines that are better able to respond to climate change,” CEO of New West Genetics Wendy Mosher. Full Article: Indoor AgTech: Demonstrating Solutions for the Future of Farming  

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