Minnesota Farm Fest

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This week NWG CSO, John McKay visits the great state of Minnesota! He is talking with prospective hemp farmers and demonstrating our varieties at Minnesota Farm Fest. Minnesota Farmfest strives to bring together the best in agribusiness from Minnesota and around the country. This endeavor provides one place for farmers to network, experience and learn to grow their farming operations. The event takes place across 50 acres of land to showcase products, services and technologies from over 500 exhibitors and vendors. Through careful planning and organization, they provide live product demonstrations, host smart and insightful educational sessions and organize fun family activities to not only help farmers grow their family businesses but also to celebrate farming and the rural lifestyle. We are excited to join Minnesota Hemp Growers Co-op at this event and talk about hemp production opportunities in Minnesota. Tomorrow John heads on up to an NWG breeding site at University of Minnesota and a visit the Minnesota Hemp Growers Co-op's NWG 4000 crop. Its a BUSY but rewarding time in the season visiting fields of our genetics across the US. John McKay promotes NWG hemp genetics at Minnesota Farmfest Minnesota Farmfest Hemp Plot - Planted in July

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HudsonAlpha Institute CROPS Conference

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"Identification of Genetics Mechanisms to Redesign Crop Production Systems for Sustainability." NWG CSO, Dr. John McKay presentes at the CROPS Conference Hosted by the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Its always a pleasure to join other leading genomics researchers from around the world to explore the latest genomic technology in plant breeding and crop improvement. Hudson Alpha CROPS Conference  

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American Oil Chemists’ Society Conference 2022

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"Modifying oil and protein quality in hemp using modern conventional breeding approaches" NWG Director of Breeding, Rich Fletcher Presents at the 2022 AOCS Annual Meeting. He spoke on 'Modifying oil and protein quality in hemp using modern conventional breeding approaches' with members of the American Oil Chemists' Society as part of a program on improving the quality of food proteins. AOCS Annual Meeting

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AGBT – Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Agriculture Meeting

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“Identification of genetic mechanisms to redesign crop production systems for sustainability” NWG CTO and co-founder, Dr. John McKay presents at the at the inaugural AGBT - Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Agriculture meeting. From Colorado State University his focus is on genetic mechanisms to help redesign crop production systems for sustainability. Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Agriculture Meeting See it on LinkedIn

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NOCO Hemp Expo 2022

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New West Genetics at NOCO Hemp Expo 2022 NWG CEO & Co-founder Wendy Mosher speaks on “Hemp Grain Challenges and Genetic Solutions” & “Hemp Genetics, Seed Trials and Scaling Up – Grain, Fiber & Cannabinoids” at the 2022 NOCO8. First, come hang out with Wendy for a chat about the latest research and market potential for the highly nutritious hemp grain. Tomorrow afternoon in Room C. Then, It’s all about the genetics. The importance of reliable, Certified, high quality premium seed and/or clones cannot be overstated. Hear from top seed specialists, geneticists and plant breeders in this seminar about the latest breakthroughs in cannabis genetics and research to modulate cannabinoid composition and maximize crop quality, yield, production and scale. Wendy Mosher Joins the panel discuss all things Hemp Genetics Friday afternoon on the main stage. Event Info   

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Organic and Non-GMO Forum

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New West Genetic's is presenting at the Organic & Non-GMO Forum in Minneapolis on Dec 2nd. Join us to talk about hemp as a novel, nutritious and sustainable ingredient. NWG Speaks at Organic & Non-GMO Forum

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New York Botanical Gardens

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New West Genetics' CSO and co-founder John McKay, had the opportunity to stop by the beautiful New York Botanical Gardens and talk with their staff about hemp genetics and collections. NWG Speaks at the New York Botanical Gardens

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ABLC Crops & Genetics Summit 2021

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Join NWG CSO, Dr. John McKay at the 2021 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference in San Francisco. New West Genetics is excited to be apart of The ABLC Crops & Genetics Summit and share the feasibility of hemp as a biofuel. The carbon sequestration score of hemp is unmatched, and New West Genetics has developed genetics that make it competitive with the best crop yield. New West Genetics Speaks at ABLC Crops & Genetics Summit    

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