What should I look for when buying seed genetics?

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Well packaged seed with a label that conforms to federal law Get to know the company. Outlandish claims like 100% feminization, 100% germination, extremely high or low cannabinoid content should be validated with respectable 3rd party data. Proof of stability: Stability means the variety has performed consistently for a number of generations. Asking for data on [...]

Don’t plant varieties perform differently depending on where they are grown?

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Yes, it’s true! However, the best seed is well bred for adaptation to your specific region and climate. Though major traits will remain stable, variety performance will vary slightly within a region. Importantly, cannabinoid content will not have significant variances. See FAQ above ELITE’s© THC content varied minimally across the landscape of Colorado. Every plant stayed [...]

What is the difference between a “variety” or “cultivar” and a strain?

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In botanical terms, all three are generally defined as a group of offspring descended from a common ancestor which share common morphological and/or physiological characteristics. In cannabis, there is an unofficial distinction. A cannabis strain can be defined as a group of plants created asexually through clonal propagation. This is the most common form of plant production [...]

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