What is THCa? And how does it affect the overall THC content?

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The species makes an acid version for each cannabinoid –CBDa, THCa, CBGa, etc. Acid forms naturally convert over time into active cannabinoids, or can be quickly converted in high heat conditions (typical industry method) –a process called decarboxylation. There is some loss during decarboxylation. The formula for calculating total potential THC is:  THC + (THCa*.877)=delta 9 THC (Total potential THC). Again, THC (or Delta 9 THC) refers to the cannabinoid post-Decarboxylation, or total potential THC.  

What is THC?

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THC or tetrahydrocannabidinol: the active ingredient in cannabis, giving it its narcotic and psychoactive effects. Thus far, THC is the only cannabinoid proven to give the user a “high”. Cannabinoids are found in both high-THC cannabis, and low-THC cannabis, THC is one of many.

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