June 2022: CROPS Conference – Dr. John McKay “Identification of genetic mechanisms to redesign crop production systems for sustainability”

May 2022: American Oil Chemists’ Society Conference – Rich Fletcher “Modifying oil and protein quality in hemp using modern conventional breeding approaches”

April 2022: Advances in Genome Biology and Technology – John McKay “Identification of genetic mechanisms to redesign crop production systems for sustainability”

March 2022: NOCO Hemp Expo – Wendy Mosher “Hemp Grain Challenges and Genetic Solutions” & “Hemp Genetics, Seed Trials and Scaling Up – Grain, Fiber & Cannabinoids” (Pannel)

December 2021: Organic and Non-GMO Forum – Wendy Mosher

November 2021: MJ Biz Con – Hemp Industry Daily Forum – John McKay

September 2021: Iowa State University – Department of Agronomy – John McKay

July 2021: Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast – Wendy Mosher

January 2021: Genetic Development: What’s on the Horizon? Winter Hemp Summit – Wendy Mosher

November 2020: MidWest Hemp Council Podcast – Jenny Boyd

May 2020: ABOUND: Revolutionizing the Hemp Industry Webinar with IEC Thermo – Jenny Boyd and Rich Fletcher

January 2020: Plant and Animal Genome Conference Cataloging Existing Variation and Rebuilding Better Cannabis Genomes for New Markets – John McKay (Director of Genetics)

January 2020: Winter Hemp Summit The Business Challenges of Farming Hemp Genetics, Cultivation, Harvesting, Drying, Processing & Getting Contracts – Wendy Mosher (President & CEO)

December 2019: ASTA CSS & Seed Expo Hemp Seed Opportunities & Challenges – Speaker – Wendy Mosher (President & CEO) Listen here

November 2019: ASTA Farm and Lawn Seed Conference Challenges/Opportunities in the Hemp Industry – Speaker – Frank Curtis (Director of Operations)

October 2019: HIACON Event Sponsor and Genetics Development, Supply, and the Future – Speaker – Wendy Mosher (President & CEO)

October 2019: Supply Side West 2019 Event Sponsor and CBD From Seed to Shelf Summit – Speakers – Wendy Mosher (President & CEO) & Dr. John McKay (Director of Genetics)

August 2019: Women in Agribusiness Ag Innovation Hour – Speaker – Daphne Preuss (Chief Business Officer)

August 2019: American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) Plant Biology 2019 – Speaker – Dr John McKay (Director of Genetics)

July 2019: World Congress on Industrial Biotech Hemp Panel Discussion – Chair – Daphne Preuss (Chief Business Officer), Speaker – Dr John McKay (Director of Genetics)

June 2019: ASTA conference “Hemp regulations: Exemplary State Programs” – Moderator – Wendy Mosher (President & CEO), Speaker – Rich Fletcher (Director of Breeding)

June 2019: Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB) Meeting – Speaker – Dr. John McKay (Director of Genetics)

May 2019: BMO Farm to Market Conference – Speakers – Wendy Mosher (President & CEO) & Dr. John McKay (Director of Genetics)

March 2019: NoCo Hemp Expo 6 – Event Sponsor, Exhibitor and Speakers – Dr. John McKay (Director of Genetics), Wendy Mosher (President & CEO) and Frank Curtis (Director of Operations)

March 2019: Colorado Public Television 12 (CPT12) – The Cannabis Project – Featuring, Wendy Mosher (President & CEO)

February 2019: 2019 Southern Rocky Mountain Agricultural Conference & Trade Fair – Hemp Production and Markets – Speaker, Dr. John McKay (Director of Genetics)

January 2019: Agrifood Conversations – Genetics, Breeding and Production Solutions for High-Quality Hemp – Webinar, Wendy Mosher (President & CEO) and Dr. John McKay (Director of Genetics)

July 2017: International Brewers Symposium on Hop Flavor and Aroma in Beer – Terpenes derived from hemp as a potential beer flavoring tool – Speaker, Dr. John McKay (Director of Genetics)

January 2016: http://www.coloradofarmshow.com/

July 2016: https://www.crops.org/meetings/hemp-meeting/tour

July 2015, September 2016: https://arcviewgroup.com/events/newyork/

April 2015, 2016: http://nocohempexpo.com/speakers/john-mckay/

February 2016: http://womengrow.com/lightningtalks2016/