Why do some call it Cannabis sativa instead of industrial hemp?

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The Federal Farm Bill in 2014 first defined hemp as “the species Cannabis sativa with a THC content of 0.3% or less”. The same species is grown in either instance, but hemp undergoes selective breeding or genetic control to ensure compliant THC levels.   NWG is primarily interested in and promotes the grain and fiber markets, or “industrial” hemp. However, aside from THC, hemp does contain all the other 80+ cannabinoids and terpenes found in what is typically thought of as “marijuana.” To ensure scientific accuracy, we refer to marijuana as “high THC cannabis” and hemp as “low THC cannabis.” Currently, NWG works solely in hemp due to regulatory fluidity. Everything we improve in hemp can be applied and transferred to higher THC varieties should customers want to license traits for higher THC breeding lines.    

What regulatory agency are you certified by?

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In compliance with the 2014 Federal Farm Bill section 7606, we are registered and licensed with the applicable state departments of agriculture and international agricultural regulatory agencies. NWG Seed lots are certified with AOSCA, state departments of agriculture, and international certifying agencies like Health Canada.

What does New West Genetics sell?

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NWG is an innovative breeding and genetics company that creates premium hemp seed for processing partners and farmers. We sell high-quality US-bred hemp seed genetics adapted to current market needs and offer licensing of traits and varieties to international partners.

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