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New West Genetics Awarded High-Value Hemp Patent Claims

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(June 25, 2019. Fort Collins, CO. ) Today New West Genetics (NWG) announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has allowed the Company’s patent claims for novel hemp varieties.  This patent is the first to claim commercial hemp varieties that combine market valued traits with adaption for large-scale field production.  A snapshot of those traits includes enhanced cannabinoids and terpene compositions, coupled with stable low THC content to mitigate regulatory risk. Years of research are required to successfully demonstrate patentability of crop traits.  Yet with the historic hemp prohibition in the US, active commercial breeding by crop scientists did not occur prior to 2014.  As CEO Wendy Mosher explained, “We launched our research in 2014, and utilized intensive phenotyping and a very narrow selection filter over multiple generations.  That foundation enabled us to file a first-of-its-kind patent application. We have closely watched this patent progress through the examination pipeline; from provisional filing to published application, and from office action to the notice of allowable claims.  This milestone further cements NWG’s first-mover status and demonstrates our dedication to data-based improvements that move hemp into a viable commercial option for agriculture.” All of NWG’s crop varieties are bred traditionally and informed by whole-genome analysis; resulting in high yielding, precision bred products that are made without transgenic (GMO) technologies.  Rich Fletcher, the lead inventor on the patent and NWG’s Director of Breeding noted “More than ten generations of work and data were incorporated into this patent filing, which defines genetics that are novel [...]

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New West Genetics Files for First PVP Certificate for AOSCA Certified Hemp Seed

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Today, New West Genetics announced that NWG-ELITE®, its high-yielding hemp grain variety, has been submitted for approval under the newly authorized USDA Plant Variety Protection (PVP) program.   NWG-ELITE® is currently the only adapted and AOSCA-certified hemp seed variety produced in the U.S. The rapidly growing hemp industry passed another milestone on April 24, 2019, when the USDA announced that the Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Office will begin accepting applications for seed propagated hemp varieties.  “PVP delivers an important form of protection commonly granted to other crops. This is a significant step forward for the hemp industry.,” said Heidi Nebel, Managing Member and Chair of the Chemical and Biotechnology Practice Group at McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC.  “Our firm was pleased to work with New West Genetics as one of the first companies to take advantage of this protection.” The U.S. Plant Variety Protection Act, passed in 1970, encourages breeders to invest their effort into the developments of new varieties that are novel, uniform, and stable. If a breeder suspects an infringement on their IP rights, they can bring the case to a civil court and seek compensation under the PVP Act.  These rights are also recognized under an international Plant Breeder’s Rights protection system. New West Genetics CEO, Wendy Mosher, noted “Our company has been at the forefront of protecting our novel genetic inventions, first, by creating a robust utility patent portfolio, and now, by submitting the first application for PVP rights for an AOSCA certified hemp variety.” With the passage [...]

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New West Genetics leads Kentucky trials

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New West Genetics leads Kentucky trials, rolls out production of high CBD, stable low THC hemp seed variety. Today, New West Genetics announced that its proprietary hemp varieties, NWG-ELITE and NWG-RELY, placed in the top of trials conducted last summer at the University of Kentucky (see The dual-purpose trial included seven other varieties from various suppliers in Canada and Europe.  NWG-RELY, which was optimized for growing in the Southeastern US, won first place in both grain and straw yield, and NWG-ELITE, which is adapted for growing conditions in the Mountain West and Great Plains, won third place. New West Genetics’ Director of Breeding, Dr. Richard Fletcher comments, “Our commitment to breeding hemp varieties containing high value cannabinoid traits and high yielding agronomic traits is paying off.  These traits bring increased value to farmers and hemp product makers, which in turn establishes a solid foundation for the emerging industry.” New West Genetics has used its deep understanding of the hemp genome and conventional breeding to create several varieties for rapidly growing markets of hemp pharmaceuticals, edibles, cosmetics, and feed.  The Company, which launched its breeding effort in 2014, has been intently focused on cannabinoid content and the broad terpene spectrum, and has protected its products with US and international patent filings.  New West Genetics has used GMO-free methods to create varieties with enhanced CBD and CBG, and a true THC zero trait, all the way through harvest and drying, trademarked as THCØ™.  The Company will grow its first high CBD / [...]

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New West Genetics announces $10,000 donation to Hemp Feed Coalition

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New West Genetics announces $10,000 donation to the Hemp Feed Coalition to gain FDA-CVM approval by the end of the year and challenges other industry leaders to show their “hemp love” by matching donations! With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill and legalization of hemp across the United States; the recognition of hemp as food for animals and humans by the FDA is necessary to keep farmers growing and ensure that the market for hemp pet and animal products can continue to flourish. Surprisingly, hemp is not a recognized feed additive for animals leaving it in a strange grey area of illegality even as the Pet industry expects hemp and CBD products to be a billion-dollar industry by 2022. The Hemp Feed Coalition was formed in 2018 to bring clarity to the status of hemp in animal feed. The Coalition is a multilateral effort involving businesses, regulators and nonprofit organizations from across the United States and Canada working together to get hemp approved as animal feed by the FDA-CVM. In 2018 Friends of Hemp a 501(c)3 and the Colorado Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association formed the coalition. “The HFC is the first concerted effort to engage multiple stakeholders, not just those of us in the hemp industry. Because of these diverse collaborators, it is primed for success.” says Wendy Mosher President & CEO of New West Genetics. The completion of a Feed Additive Petition requires nutritional analysis, the development of new laboratory protocols for food safety and clinical trials [...]

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New West Genetics Announces Acceptance into Yield Lab

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New West Genetics Announces Acceptance into Yield Lab, the Country’s Premier Ag Tech accelerator for companies devoted to sustainable, innovative Ag solutions. New West Genetics (NWG) is pleased to announce their acceptance into one of the country’s most respected Agtech accelerators – The Yield Lab in St Louis, Missouri. NWG is the first cannabis company to be accepted by Yield Lab, situated in the hub of the country’s Ag corridor. CEO Wendy Mosher states, “We are excited to have the Ag community engaging with the Cannabis community. Cannabis offers an excellent lesson in markets and the dynamics of an emerging industry, and in turn the Yield lab offers us expertise with production issues, as well as best practices to bring to market our novel varieties.” "Yield Lab is excited to have New West Genetics as part of our cohort in 2017,” said Yield Lab Managing Director Jeff Peterson. “The experience and expertise of the New West management team is second to none in the field. They are progressing hemp genetics further and faster they anyone else in this space." Since its inception in 2014, New West Genetics has focused on creating large-scale harvestable, seed- based cannabis genetics for the United States marketplace. Currently, the company breeds hemp varieties that are tailored for various end-use products. Its’ well respected scientists utilize next generation sequencing to analyze the genomics of hemp with the intent to improve the varieties with genomic and marker based selection. The company promotes well-bred genetics as the key for [...]

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New West Genetics Featured at Ag Innovation Showcase

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New West Genetics (NWG) to be a featured company as founders present their foundational work on Cannabis sativa genetics at the Ag Innovation Showcase July 20, 2017 Ft. Collins, CO. Dr. John McKay and Wendy Mosher, NWG founders will present on September 12, 2017 at the Ag Innovation Showcase. The conference, hosted annually in St Louis by the Larta Institute, is geared towards promising agriculture-focused start-ups from across the globe who are pursuing solutions in ag-biotech, renewable energy, sustainable materials, animal health, soil & water, and farming technology.  Companies will be pitching to seasoned Ag industry investors and business people as well as fellow entrepreneurs. New West Genetics is improving hemp genetics for large-scale production, creating innovations that will then be applied to higher THC cannabis as regulations ease. NWG CEO Wendy Mosher states “We are so excited to present in the Mid West– where tremendous Ag experience resides, but also where we find some of the last states to adopt pro hemp/cannabis legislation. Greater understanding around the health and nutritional benefits of hemp has helped to decrease these regulatory barriers while also clarifying for governments and farmers alike the economic potential to be found in C. sativa. We’ve made tremendous progress in developing the first US-bred hemp variety to pass a Department of Agriculture trial. We look forward to adapting those initial genetics to other regions so more farmers can participate in a more sustainable, lucrative, and soil healthy crop to add to their rotations.” Ms. Mosher further commented that [...]

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